Costume Quest or Stacking??

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Hello people of the Internet, I have come to you in aid of selecting one of  two PSN games. Based on your experience which one should I play? 
Thank You.

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Stacking is better than Costume Quest IMO.

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I haven't played Stacking yet, but if you play Costume Quest I advise you to not play it all at once.  Otherwise it will start to feel really repetitive and the charm will wear off fast. 

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I've played Costume Quest, and Stacking looks better. I don't really like turn-based combat though.

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Depends on your taste? Both are very good games with different styles and genres, so it's more of a personal pick. Are there no demos for you to try out?
Personally, I really liked Costume Quest, but Stacking is in the lead right now.

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Stacking. is. amazing!
Buy it.

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Interested in a charming witty family friendly light RPG or a charming witty cheeky puzzle solver?  They're both well done examples of each.

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Both good, but buy Costume Quest in the inevitable Halloween sale.

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Stacking is super awesome. Don't know about Costume Quest.

edit: o wait, this thread is 4 months old.

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@spankingaddict said:
Stacking. is. amazing!  Buy it.
Sweet bump duder.

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