Your Double Jump experiences...

#1 Posted by AndrewW (158 posts) -

So what stories have you got about Double Jumping...

Have you ever had trouble mastering the control of a character in a game?Ever had a ledge/jump that you consistently had trouble making?
Managed to avoid dying in Team Fortress 2 by using Double Jump?
#2 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

I've managed to avoid dying in Team Fortress 2 many times by using double jump. I really love that the scout can jump for any place, and he can be fine because he can simply double jump RIGHT before he hits the ground

#3 Edited by Tovan (654 posts) -

I have trouble with the scout in Team Fortress 2 on 2 Fort jumping from the top of the bridge to the other team battlements, sometimes it doesn't respond to the double jump and I just fall at the door. Other than that I love the Scout double jump.

#4 Posted by Grumbel (1010 posts) -

There was a place in God of War where you had to reach a higher ledge under a very strict time limit, else you would get killed by spikes. It took me like 30 tries to actually reach that ledge in time, because the way I did the double jump just didn't give me enough height, had to go back and study how the jump mechanic actually worked to make it past that part. One of the most annoying situations I have seen in a video game in a long while.

#5 Posted by HistoryInRust (6669 posts) -

I just remember the double jump mechanic in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and namely, how unnecessary it was.  Some characters, like the Silver Surfer and Thor, could fly by a double-tap of the jump button, but for characters without  any special jump animation, the double jump had no use. 

#6 Posted by warder808 (9 posts) -

I think the double jump is so uniform now it is largely useless. Almost every platformer character has it. If everyone has it then they might as well make games with gaps half the size and give everyone just one jump.

The fact that they gave Spider-Man a double jump is ridiculous.

#7 Posted by Bennyishere (1746 posts) -

This topic reminded me of Donald Duck: Quack Attack (aka Goin' Quackers). There wasn't anything special about its double jump, but I think it was the first I played where the game truly demanded it.

#8 Posted by Lunarbunny (1055 posts) -

The addition of double-jump to the Unreal Tournament franchise is one of my pet peeves.

#9 Posted by warder808 (9 posts) -

does the new bionic commando game have it? I know he has 1 jump, but I hope he doesn't have 2.

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