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In recent times the modification White TD for the game Warcraft 3 has spawned a new expression; Risk Me!

It all began when group of people sat down and played a match for fun. Realizing that the game had a function that gave you the option of risking all you gold on a 50/50 chance of getting double the amount back, or losing it all, the people started referring to the risking-function quite often. Especially how it either saved the game, or more often, how it ruined it for them.  After some time the phrase "Risk Me!" emerged, and it was a fresh addition to the gaming slang.

When playing Warcraft 3 custom games today it is not often a game passes without someone uttering the phrase; "Risk me!" This is, of course a general statement saying that the player has risked all his money, or that he suggests it would benefit the game in general if people risked more gold.  

There are several conspiracy theories about the risking function of the White TD custom game. Some people claim that the odds of actually getting double your gold back are far from 50%. This is yet to be proven, or disproven.

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