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Doviculus is the S &M clad leader of the Tainted Coil, voiced by Tim Curry.  
He is a playable character in the multiplayer part of Brütal Legend. He is representative of industrial metal.
Doviculus plays a quad necked guitar, designed with two necks on each side.


Martyrdom - tier 0 solo. Doviculus's main buffing solo, it grants all nearby ally units an increase to attack, movement speed and healing. The solo also does severe damage to Doviculus himself, such that any additional damage will finish him off. If Doviculus is wounded at all prior to completing the martyrdom solo, he will immediately die upon completing the solo.
Agony Boil - Tier 0 solo. Playing this solo will result in in a physical growth to appear at the location the solo was played. The agony boil will continue to grow and swell for about two minutes before it finally bursts. If any enemy units approach the agony boil at anytime the boil will detonate, dealing damage to enemy units in the area as well as launching them into the air. The amount of damage done by the detonation increases the longer the agony boil is allowed to fester.
Summon Tic Choppers - Tier 1 solo. Upon completing this solo a squad of three tic choppers appear at Doviculus' stage as part of his army.

Notable traits include:

  • Having a chest cavity that can be opened thus exposing his heart 
  • Being able to store other objects in that cavity, including another heart
  • Wings so that he can survey the battlefield
  • And a freaky S&M type mask/hat thing that has no holes for his eyes. Presumably he smells out his victims.

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