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Dr. Anthony Ossman is RDA researcher on Pandora, specializing in controlling animals. He also works on the Avatar Project, because of her daughter, Molly Ossman who is in coma and only able to communicate through her Avatar.

A Na'vi boy Nok started to meddle in his research, by freeing animals that had been captured and destroying technology left in the forest. Dr. Ossman had to change his working location several times because of that boy and it started to take the attacks personally, he even got the impression that his daughter changed sides because of Nok.

Eventually Dr. Ossman got tired of Nok and attacked him, but Molly took the blast with her Avatar body. That angered Dr. Ossman even more and he sicked one of the Thanators that he controlled through experimental technology. but the tech malfunctioned and the feedback electrocuted Dr. Ossman comatosing him and ending his research.

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