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Dr. Elizabeth "Betty" Veronica is a scientist/ employee at Scumlabs, the very same company responsible for causing the mutation to Rampage's antiheroes: George, Lizzie and Ralph. She appears mostly in mid-levels showing the scoreboards of the player's progress.

Mini Monsters Attack!

After the trio monsters defeat Scumlabs CEO Eustace DeMonic in the lunar base, Dr. Veronica descends to the planet on a spaceship and zaps George, Lizzie and Ralph with a ray gun to wipe out all traces of the monsters' existence. As the spaceship takes off, it turns out that the ray gun didn't kill them but shrinks them into miniature size and Dr. Veronica is forced to take the monsters back to Earth.

After the events of Rampage: World Tour, Dr. Betty Veronica is never heard from or mentioned again.

Her name is a reference to the two main characters in Archie Comics: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.

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