I HATE Dr.Chakwas

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I hate Dr.Chakwas, hated her in mass effect 1, and wasn't pleased at all to see her back on my ship in mass effect 2, in fact, I had forgotten about her completely until I saw that horrid expressionless old lady face pop up on my screen in the med bay. I actually thought I would give her character a second chance at first, but as soon as she started mumbling about how much she wants to get drunk on space beer with shepard or go on and on about stories that you should get an achievement for for not skipping, I felt the same about her as I did in mass effect 1. She has no purpose AT ALL because anything her job warrants is easily replaced by pressing a button on your radial menu called MEDI-GEL. In the first game she always seemed like she would have something more to say after I completed a mission, something about her seemed like it would actually impact or tie some strings up in the story, but she was utterly useless. I would always waste my time running to her side of the ship thinking that she would mutter something useful and not bore me to death with stories about some dude who did something some time ago because she is old.

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I drank whiskey with her in Mass Effect 2.

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" I drank whiskey with her in Mass Effect 2. "

Edit: It kinda seems odd you actively HATE her. I would think being indifferent would make more sense.
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You should put "Spoilers" In the title next time you make a thread that has em. 

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@Tastyburger8 said:
" @kmdrkul: I killed her in Mass Effect 2. "

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@The_Laughing_Man: True, I'll try to hide it in tags, although I'm sure anyone that doesn't know yet will be pleased to know.
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Sure she was kinda useless but I liked her, I did her side mission and got to know her while drinking space whiskey, it was pretty awesome
Also, her face looks really creepy when her chair spins around to talk to you, otherwise she's fine

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@Tastyburger8 said:
" @The_Laughing_Man: True, I'll try to hide it in tags, although I'm sure anyone that doesn't know yet will be pleased to know. "
Just because you do not like her does not mean everyone does not like her. 
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Well, when you guys find out she is actually a reaper and causes your shepard to die and deletes your saved data don't come crying back to me.
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I thought she was a fine character for a side-ish character.

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@SteamPunkJin: That may be so, but she's still a bitch. I'm with OP here, I'd like to punch her right in her drunk-ass face.
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I like her, I hate EDI though.

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I liked her, especially when I drank with her on my ship. That was great.

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It's crazy space Brandy, btw.

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girl can handle her brandy, you've got to respect that.

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@Tastyburger8: You should learn to respect your elders son. 
I while i wish she had more dialog i think she was a great character and i enjoyed having a drink with her. 
P.S. It was BRANDY not Whiskey, people need to get their alcoholic beverages straight. :) 
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She's a sweet old lady. How dare you sir!

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She's so perfunctory to the whole experience that it makes it seem odd to capital-letters-HATE her. Plus she enjoys getting drunk on company time with ol' Shep, so that makes her a pretty cool chick.
Side note: Shepard walking off all Suzie Woozy after sharing that tipple was a genuinely funny moment. The Mass Effect games are usually wryly amusing in their dialogue, so this slapstick moment caught me on the hop.

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And she's one of my favorite characters. I love the voice actor, I love the character. A toast... to getting drunk.

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I still think she sounds like Helen Mirren.

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I didn't mind her at all. In fact, I was secretly hoping I could bang her.

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