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Dr. Mario 64 is puzzle game. Developed by Newcom and published by Nintendo, it was released April 9th 2001 in North America and November 2003 in China. The game was released on both the Nintendo 64 and iQue.

Nintendo Puzzle Collection includes a version of Dr. Mario 64

Because there was no Japanese version of Dr. Mario 64, the version of Dr. Mario included in Nintendo Puzzle Collection on the Nintendo GameCube is a port of the North American version of the game. There are a few new things in the game, including new music and secret characters. The game is never referenced to as Dr. Mario 64, but rather Dr. Mario (and any references to the Nintendo 64 in the game itself are removed).


The flu season is in and seeing as Mario is a doctor, he must help cure the disease with his Megavitamins. But before long Wario steals his Megavitamins and in such causes Mario to go after him, but before Mario can get his Megavitamins back, Mad Scienstein and Rudy the clown steal the Megavitamins from Wario. Mario and Wario set out on seperate paths to get the Megavitamins back for both there own causes they encounter each other and numerous monsters from the Wario Land universe.


Dr. Mario 64 plays similarly to other games in the Dr. Mario franchise.

Like any drop down puzzle game, Dr. Mario requires the player to line up certain colors so that the blocks can removed to create more space. To remove blocks, no more than a minimum of four of the same color must be connected to make them disappear. These include the Red Virus (Fever), the Blue Virus (Chill), and the Yellow Virus (Weird); with a Megavitamin color designed to kill them. Dr. Mario 64 includes different gameplay modes these are as follows, Classic mode, which features a similar set-up and design to earlier Dr. Mario video games. Story mode, in which the player may take control of either Dr. Mario or Wario to track down the stolen Megavitamins, battling computer players along the way. Another mode pits the player against the computer as any character the player has played as or fought against. Up to four players may play at once in the multiplayer mode, which is designed similarly to the CPU Vs. mode.

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