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Dr. Mundo is a hulking mad scientist, dominating the battlefield with his quick health regeneration and endless scientific curiosity. Unlike most champions that use mana to to fuel their abilities, Dr. Mundo has become so mad that he uses his very health to fuel his powers.

Back Story

Even as child in the city of Zaun, Dr. Mundo had an insatiable lust to experiment on living creatures. By five he had experimented on all the neigbourhood pets, by his teenage years his parents had "mysteriously" disappeared, and by the time he got his medical license he had been accused of 38 murders; the lack of evidence made persecuting the obviously insane doctor impossible. The city of Noxus, seeing his actions as scientific initiative, recruited Dr. Mundo to fight for them in the League.


 Adrenaline Rush
 Passive: Dr. Mundo regenerate 0.3% of his maximum health every second.
 Infected Cleaver
Active Ability (Q): Dr. Mundo hurls his cleaver at his target, dealing a percentage of their current health as damage and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.
 Burning Agony

Toggle (W): When active, Dr. Mundo drains his own health to deal damage to surrounding enemies and reduce the duration of all stuns and slows.
Active Ability (E): For 5 seconds, Dr. Mundo's physical damage is increased by a flat amount. Also, he deals additional damage for each percent of health he is missing.


Active Ability (R): Over the next 12 seconds Dr. Mundo will regenerate 50% of his maximum health. He also gains a speed increase for the duration of the regeneration.


 Upon Selection

  • "Mundo!"


  • "Mundo go this way!"
  • "Mundo too strong for you!"
  • "Where does Mundo go?"
  • "Mundo will go where he pleases! [slurps]"
  • "Come to Mundo!"
  • "Mundo...mmm...*slurp*...smash!"


  • "Mundo think you a big sissy! [laughs]"


  • "Mundo say his own name a lot, or else he forget! Has happened before."

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