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Doctor Nitrus Brio is an evil scientist in the Crash Bandicoot Series. He was created as a foil to Doctor Neo Cortex , opposite in charisma and scientific success. Dr. Nitrus Brio resembles a mix between Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster with a green lab coat, a large forehead, and bolts coming out of his temples. As a child, Dr. Brio was classmates with Neo Cortex and N. Gin at the Academy of Evil. Originally thought that Neo Cortex invented the evolvo-ray, Dr. Brio created it, but Cortex took the credit for it.

Dr. Brio was Dr. Neo Cortex's second in command in the original Crash Bandicoot game. Cortex tried to use the Evolvo-Ray to create a mutant animal army with Dr. Brio as his assistant. After his defeat in the first game, Dr. Brio wanted revenge on Cortex. If you collect all the crystals in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, you are given the bonus ending in which Dr. Brio builds a laser powered by the crystals and destroys Neo Cortex's Space Station. More recently Dr. N. Brio has reunited with Dr. Cortex in Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant. He is now addicted to his Mutagen Potion, he has not forgotten about Crotex's double cross, and is very wary around him, he also seems to be obsessed with taking credit for objects, likely due to the fact that he never got credit for the Evolvo-Ray


Brio Smash!

In the original game, Dr. Brio was the second to last boss. He starts by throwing flasks of either green blob monsters that hurt him when they die or red explosives. When most of his health is gone, he pulls a Dr. Jekyll and turns himself into a monster. His transformation causes the building to crumble. This allows Crash to jump off of it and land on his head.

In Crash Twinsanity Dr. Brio is fought alongside N. Tropy on a small island with the hope of stopping Dr. Cortex obtaining The Evil Twins "Riches". Dr. Brio transforms into a frog-monster, all Crash has to do is avoid Frog-Brio's belly flops and hit N. Tropy repeatedly.

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