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Your old digs.
Your old digs.
After 300 years, Count Dracula has risen from the grave. Returning to his home, he finds his seven vampire brides are no more, and the world he once terrorized gone. Setting out on a journey, while reminiscing about his lost loves, he finds himself shadowed by a stranger who claims to bear the name Van Helsing, but who in fact may be someone far more dangerous.


 A not so inviting castle...
 A not so inviting castle...
Set in what appears to be a generic version of mid-19th century Europe, the in-game locations include:
  • A small town in the shadow of Dracula's Castle.
  • A monastery.
  • A tavern.
  • A castle occupied by an anti-vampire cult.
  • A brothel.
  • Underground tunnels.
  • A garden maze...
Some locations are the settings of various memories the Count finds himself recalling.


Find the correct sequence of words to proceed.
Find the correct sequence of words to proceed.
The game uses a traditional point and click interface, including icons for Look, Talk, Use, and Move. A little less common is the addition of a "Think" function - an icon of a human brain - which can be used to expand on dialogs and situations, opening up new options to the player. Two additional functions - Kiss, and Bite - can be used when the situation warrants.



Both versions are largely identical, though the PC 9801 version contains a minor amount of extra content.


I've had this dream before.
I've had this dream before.
Dracula Hakushaku features occasional nudity and sexual situations, and while explicitness varies, these scenes tend to be soft-core in nature.



  • The game is also known as "Count Dracula". 
  • Both versions are spread over four floppy discs.

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