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This text adventure released in 1986, was the first game in the UK to get an official age rating from the British Board of Film Classification. The publishers CRL hoped it would get an 18 rating in order to gain as much publicity as possible for the release of the game. In the end, the BBFC gave it a 15 rating. The vast majority of the game is text-based. A digitised static image appears every so often to illustrate an event.



The game is split into three chapters. The first chapter covers Jonathan Harker's first night in a Transylvanian Inn and is relatively short. The second and third chapters are much bigger and will take longer to solve. The second chapter covers Jonathan Harker's arrival to Castle Dracula and his desperate attempts to escape it. The third is played from the perspective of John Seward, the physician who lives near the Carfax estate. It is his mission to hunt down and kill Dracula. Each chapter is self-contained and can be played in any order if so desired. Even if you die in one chapter, you can go on and play the next if you wish.

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