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Basic Information

Draggy is the last dragon left alive on the Chrono Planet. When speaking he often refers to himself in the third person. In battle he uses a glove and his innate color is red. 


Draggy's egg was laid in Fossil Valley. Serge finds the egg in a dodo's nest. It is later hatched using the incubators in Fort Dragonia. When Draggy is born he decides that he should look for his parents and joins Serge's party. It is possible to find Draggy's mother in Fossil Valley where she will give him advice. 

How to recruit

Get the egg from the dodo's nest in fossil valley. In Fort Dragonia take the elevator down to the incubation chamber. The egg will hatch and Draggy will join the party. 


Cough Drop- Acquired at star level 3. Draggy shoots a fireball at a single enemy. 
Cough Mix - Acquired at star level 19. Draggy shoots a fireball and then pushes it towards an enemy with his wings. 
BigBreath - Acquired by taking Draggy to see his mom in the Fossil Valley of Another World. Draggy summons his mother's spirit to engulf the battlefield in flames.  

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