Free dlc for DA2 - Penny Arcade Belt and Staff

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Bioware seems to be giving away dlc to people who sign up to their DA2 newsletter. You need to follow these two links: and
Just follow the links that say 'click to get item.' Of course you need an EA / Bioware account, log in, accept to recieve the newsletter, and viola. Both items need to be done indivudually and unfortunately the PS3 seems to be only getting the staff but the Xbox/PC gets both dlcs. Hopefully this might bite the sting for some of you who couldn't get the signature edition but im guessing not. 
Credit due to  RoninShinigami.

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I'm really starting to hate Bioware/EA's DLC promotional strategies.  Every game has to have like 10 different unrelated and occasionally mutually exclusive ways of getting minor snippets of content.  Always making you feel like you're missing something somehow, and filling my hard drive with 800KB downloads.

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It's free...seriously, does the sense of entitlement know no bounds?
Thanks to the OP for the heads up though! More free stuff is always good in my books.

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@mazik765 said:
" It's free...seriously, does the sense of entitlement know no bounds? "
And the buzzword of the millennium on Giantbomb is...entitlement!  I'm so tired of hearing that word here.  What does entitlement have to do with hating a company's bullshit strategy for trying to get everyone and anyone to preorder their game, and then fill your inbox full of as much shit as possible?  It's obnoxious.
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The company is literally giving you free things to encourage you to buy the game that you were probably going to buy anyway if you care enough to download these things. I don't see why this is a problem that needs to be complain about. Is having an email really that much effort for free stuff?

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While I agree that this contains some premise of obnoxiousry, I also I think we shouldn't be surprised by EA marketing as they seem to be very big on mailing lists. It should be also noted I haven't received any mail (on my fake email account.)

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At least the loot they tie to this email spamming is dumb as hell. 

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penny arcade looks like mass effect 2 cerberus network daily news stuff?  why some elements are familiar with none related game?

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cheers for the heads up

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Thanks for the heads up.

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Just signed up to the same newsletter that I'm already signed up to twice. 
I may have a DLC problem.

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thank you OP for the links

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Thanks for the links.

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Thanks OP!  I do so love SWAG.

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Done and done.

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Thanks for the links! Although I probably won't use the staff for my PC till the 3rd or 4th run-through lol.

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Whatever. It's free stuff, and I can just mark the EA newsletters as spam and never have to deal with them.


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