I'm enjoyig the game, so...

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Should I get Dragon Age: Origins? I like the sound of a deeper, more intricate version of Dragon Age 2. Bear in mind though, I would be gettting the ultimate edition for the 360. Would it still be worth it, without the obvious increase in visual fidelity and tactics found on the PC version?
EDIT - Oh God. I apologise for the typo in the topic title. I'm more than a little ashamed.

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Absolutely it would. The game isn't old enough to be a problem.

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"Enjoyig" Ughh, what an outrage. I can hardly think straight. :P
Seriously, you should get the first one. It does look pretty bad sometimes on the xbox but it's still worth it. 

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I agree, the first one should not be missed. Curious on what your reaction will be coming from da2 to dao.

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@Delphye: Honestly I'm kinda dreading the combat. Apparently Dragon Age  2 is a lot faster, so I'm worried that the combat of origins will be plodding and tedious.
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It's definitely more methodical... but fundamentally it's more or less the same.

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Get it.

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Depending on what you're enjoying about 2, you'll either love or abhor Origins. Everything about origins is, as a poster above said, slightly more methodical and paced than 2, but that leaves you with time to really engross yourself in that world. You also, I feel, have much more control with your party. You can do things to have party members permanently leave, or die, or even totally miss your opportunity to pick them up in the first place! Unlike in 2, where you're sort of spoonfed party recruiting missions, and THEN presented with the follow me/the fuck out option.

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In some ways it's like Morrowind compared to Oblivion (without the massive difference in visuals). 
Morrowind had far more variety in locations, more depth, better dialogue etc.. but Oblivion "streamlined" (ugh) some things, tightened up some things and whatnot. 
I loved both of those games by the way, just thought the comparison was reasonable enough.

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@markini6 said:
" @Delphye: Honestly I'm kinda dreading the combat. Apparently Dragon Age  2 is a lot faster, so I'm worried that the combat of origins will be plodding and tedious. "
don't worry, Origins doesn't have those spawning enemies so what you see is what you battle.
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It may have a bit of a learning curve, even with all your experience towards Dragon Age 2, and there's no option to respec your characters at that (minus Awakening). Graphically and technically the game can be a bit of a mess on the consoles as well, but pushing through the intricacies can leave you with a fantastic RPG with payloads of playtime - not even counting the iota's of replay value. 

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Yes, you should!! Origins is a fantastic game :) now it's not structured the same way as DA2 and battling is fairly different but if you enjoyed DA2 I don't see why you wouldn't like Origins. In general Origins is a wayyy better game so you really can't go wrong.  The graphics are a bit weak but it makes up for it with it's great storyline and interesting characters! Awakening is decent as well so yes you really really should buy the ultimate edition package :D

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@markini6 said:
" @Delphye: Honestly I'm kinda dreading the combat. Apparently Dragon Age  2 is a lot faster, so I'm worried that the combat of origins will be plodding and tedious. "
It is, sort of. On PC it's a much more engaging game, but the console versions suffered. There are parts of that game that will drag on endlessly.
Still a great game and it's definitely worth picking up though.
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The combat system in Origins is less fluid than in DA2 but it's still an amazing game.

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You better get Origins. You'd be missing out if you didn't.

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Dragon Age 2 is ok, but the first one beats it in every aspect except graphics in my opinion.  

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I'm in the exact same boat as the OP here, so based on the replies given, I think I'll pick up the Ultimate Edition too.

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I personally think Dragon Age 2 is amazing but Origins is better. I can't be a tanking mage in 2.

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I'd love to see someones opinion on Origins having played DA2 first. 

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Year origins is a great game. As someone who played it on the 360 it was a good experience. Like everyone else curious what your thoughts are about going backwards

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I guess it's decided then, I'm quite looking forward to it after all the comments praising the game. Will do a blog post or just post in this forum again after playing it for a bit, already apologised to girlfriend in advance that I might ignore her a bit this weekend.

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You definately should, you may buy origins and realize just how ridiculous DA2 is.

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Yes, get Origins and Awakening (Ultimate Edition). It is one of my favorite games, just like DA2 is.

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