Looking for help (minor spoilers through the end of Act 2)

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 So here's my dilemma. I'm playing the 360 version, and was wanting to get as many achievements as possible in one run, but now it's looking like I might not be able to get Supplier (find all ingredients, 25G) and Great Minds Think Alike (4 friendships/rivalries, 50G). Not getting supplier might also make me miss Master Craftsman (make all recipes in one grouping, 25G). Not sure on that one yet, depending on what recipes and ingredients I still have access to. But if I can't get that either, I'm missing 100G for this 1 mistake :(

In my last attempt to salvage those achievements, I'm wondering if anyone can help. The problem is Isabella- apparently you have to have her friendship meter at 50 or higher or she just straight up leaves at the end of Act 2. She was one of my four "friendship" candidates for Great Minds Think Alike (Aveline, Anders, and Varric are already "friends", and Merril and Fenris are too far down the rivalry tree to be of any help), and from what I've read her Act 3 quest is the only place to get one of the ingredients for Supplier (ambrosia I think?). In other words, I didn't realize how imperative it is to keep Isabela in your party (so much for choices...) More to the point, I didn't even know that she could leave, and that it was based on your friendship progress.

At any rate, I currently just finished Act 2, but kept a save before starting the Following the Qun quest. I know for a FACT that Isabella's friendship is at 40 or 45 at this save, because she hit 50 after getting +10 friendship during the Following the Qun quest, which added her Questioning Beliefs quest to my journal. Problem is, she leaves literally right after getting that +10 (the conversation had triggered the +10 is the last time I saw her), which prevents me from doing the Questioning Beliefs quest, which from what I understand is the prerequisite to keeping her in your party. So I'm trying to find out if there is a way to get 5 or 10 friendship points just before starting Following the Qun.

I've looked at online Wikis and such with no luck. The problem is that I've already done every other side quest I've come across, including Isabela's companion quests and giving her her gift. So my question is if anyone knows of anything I can do to get that last little spurt of friendship points? I have a feeling there isn't, but figured I'd crowd source before I give up on those 100G.

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I don't know of any if you have already done all the sidequests and stuff. Sometimes you can get that for having her in your party and you pick the joker option but it only happens in certain cases. I'd say its most likely too late but you could try putting her in your party and try to get a conversation going that ups her friendship.

Also I totally restarted my game after act 1 because I didn't have a high enough friendship with her and I was trying to bone her. Actually I did the same thing in Origins because I didn't know about Leliana or Sten before Lothering was destroyed. Bioware does like to make it possible to lose your companions.

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