My Thoughts on Dragon Age 2

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  • So I was able to finish my first play through of the PC version of Dragon Age 2. I wanted to give my thoughts on the game to the people who've been having to hear all the radically biased people from either side of the spectrum. I'm just going to get to the point with things I liked and disliked in bulletpoints because I'm not the greatest writer out there. So here it goes,
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  • ::Liked::

- The story - I know most people think it was bland and this and that and I tend to agree with them. By the end of the game I was able to invest myself with the characters and some of the things that happen to you along the way. It helped to not leave me with buyers remorse.
- The Characters - At first they were boring but I really starterd enjoying how different each character was and I have to say that my favorite is Merrill by far.
- The Environments and Armor - I loved the look of the deep roads in this game and some of the armor was well done.

- The game speed - This I do not like. It actually feels like a fast forward version of the first game. When I went back to play origins it felt much slower paced and I actually prefer that. I didn't feel too rushed to play without pausing. (I wanted to import a save this time since I lost my old one). Replaying Origins make me hate the speed even more so now.
- Anime Weapons - Swords too big to carry on your back, let along swing around. They might look cool but they look stupid at the same time.
- Combat - You can no long right click on an enemy to attack then right click on the area around the enem to position your party members. I also missed the tactical view a LOT. and found myself trying to do these two things in DA2.
- Reused dungeons - towards the end of the game I was making audible UGGGGHH sounds every time I had to revisit the same places over and over. It has to be one of the worst parts of the game.  
- Pop in enemies - Wave 1... Wave 2... Wave 3... Done. Rinse Repeat. It's off putting especially when they just reappear right on top of you, but it isn't something that really irked me.

Over all I have to say I enjoyed the game. But not by much. I felt buyers remorse for the first act of the game, but that luckily faded after a while. I was also upset about the game being $60 on PC. It's a personal thing that I hate but it would change my opinion too much of the game. It's definately going to make wait for a price drop of the next interation though.

If I had to score the game using Giantbombs scoring system I think I would give it something like 3 to 3.5 out of 5 stars.

It would be an above average game if not for some of those major flaws.

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Yeah, Those are my thoughts as well. Were you playing with the graphics update from BioWare?
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Yeah I did. I run a i7 920 6GB RAM and  a 285GTX and I can push most everything to max other than DX11. One thing I did notice what that no matter what configurations I ran, it always seemed a little choppy when running through towns. That doesn't bother me though.
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The reused dungeons didn't bother me too much since I was too concentrated on not getting startled by the endless swarm of spiders who seem to live in the ceiling. 
Makes me miss killing giant rats in the basement.

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OH YEAH! I Forgot that one!
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Yeah, I'll admit that those spiders just appearing out of nowhere scared me sometimes. Just me tra-la-laing, then some loud hiss echos in my earphones.

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Seriously! Did the spiders just eat every living creature in the lands and went into hibernation in the ceilings? 
Sure fucking looks like it because I never saw one wolf or bear! Man fuck the creature designer!

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