Should I buy this game?

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I bought Dragon Age Origins when it came out and didn't finish it as I didn't like it very much. I played the Dragon Age 2 demo before the game came out and really liked it. Then, all the reviews starting to hit the Internet along with the fan reaction so I refrained from buying the game. However, a year later, I am now wondering if I could actually like this game considering my experience with the demo. So, considering I did not like the original DA and I liked the demo of DA2, is DA2 a game for me? I think a complete edition of the game is in the works, am I correct? Maybe I should buy this? I want opinions. Thanks.

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I wouldn't spent more than 20 myself, but I think it's an... alright game. it's definitely not as bad as most people make it out to be, though it is bad in some notable spots.

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@AuthenticM said:

I bought Dragon Age Origins when it came out and didn't finish it as I didn't like it very much. I played the Dragon Age 2 demo before the game came out and really liked it.

There's your answer. Don't care what others think of the game, the enjoyment of a video game is an individual thing, it doesn't matter what we think, what Jeff thinks or what other reviewers think. 
I tried Postal 3, I really liked it. Had I skipped it because people think it's bad and irritating, I wouldn't have beaten it in less than 2 days and had the wildest dumb fun I've had in a year. Tons of mad screenshots, too.
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I really enjoyed the original Dragon Age but Dragon Age II kinda stinks. I wouldn't even bother with it.

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If you didn't like DA:O, you might like this. It's cheap enough at this point that you can take a risk and give it a shot. I personally wouldn't recommend it, but then again, I liked DA:O quite a bit so my opinion might not be compatible with yours.

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I enjoyed the game for what it was. The only real problem I had was that it recycles the levels too much, the story collapses at the end and some of the fetch quests are lazy. There's a actually a lot of small things that irk me BUT I'll be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my time with it. The combat is fun and characters are relatively likeable too. So basically I'm saying is, yes you should get it if it's not too expensive.

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If you can get it cheap then go for it.

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@AuthenticM If you liked the demo, go for it.
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Its not a bad game, and dose not deserve the bad rap that it gets on the internet. I played the pc version, and dont know about the console version. but Played about 20 hours of it before being burned out.

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If you really liked the demo buy it, it's not even as bad as the angry angry internet says it is. Be prepared for the game to recycle its environments whole-cloth regularly, though. It's probably worse than the original Mass Effect in that regard.

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Most of the hate is because it took a dump on the franchise, the general consensus is that it would of been a fairly average RPG had it been renamed something else, but because it was a sequel to such a beloved game it's just seen as a total failure.

So if you have no love for the original you might find it playable, maybe even enjoyable.

I didn't.

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If you like staying in the same city the whole game, and seeing the same exact dungeon 50+ times, then yes.

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I suppose it depends on what you did and didn't like about Origins. The combat in DAII is faster paced, more action based, and generally more forgiving than DA:O. Some of the boss fights can be a real kick in the ass though. The storyline has a narrower scope and is more character-focused. The graphics are significantly better overall but there are many instances of recycled dungeons.

Personally I found both DA:O and DAII thoroughly enjoyable. I actually played all the way through DAII twice and made it 2/3 through a third play-through before getting distracted by some other game. I think a majority of the complaints about DAII were less about the quality of the game and more about people's expectations. DAII didn't build on the groundwork of DA:O as much as it did its own thing.

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Dragon Age 2 isn't as good as DA:O, but it's still a perfectly fine game.

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It's only $20 so I say go for it.

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For cheap, it's probably worth a shot. The story is pretty dull, but there's a lot of good lore and most of the character interactions are really well done.

Like others have said, the main problems with it were really because it took the franchise in totally the wrong direction. Uninteresting story and the shamelessly copy & pasted environments also made it feel like a quick expansion, rather than a full blown sequel to DA:O.

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I liked it quite a bit, actually. Except the final act, that part was pretty dumb.

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The demo doesn't showcase any areas where the flaws are evident. I'll admit that I enjoyed the first section of the game. Once you're past that, though you'll be visiting the same palette swapped dungeon areas over and over, and once you're in town, your battle tactics will be thwarted by a second wave of enemies spawning out of nowhere in every battle.

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Its an enjoyable game I think not as good as Origins but still a decent RPG.

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I guess if you have low standards, this game isn't a horrible piece of junk.

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It tends to get a lot more derision than it really warrents. It does have drawbacks (re-used assets, ending wasn't great). I preferred the flow of the combat in 2 to the stilted shuffling into location as they slowly align to start hitting in origins. DA2 does tend to rain foes down on you a bit much, but balancing the party to deal with that can be interesting anyway.

The game isn't bad, it had issues that were largely due to a rather short development cycle. However the writing for companions; the interplay/banter between them during the course of the game is presented better with a more natural flow throughout quests and the course of the game. Rather than the go to camp exposition vending machines that origins felt. The story is lower in scope, more focused on the strains between certain groups that shape the setting in interesting ways going forward, rather than the usual "save the world from a big evil".

I enjoyed Origins, Dragon Age 2 has issues but it isn't a bad game. Some aspects of it work better, others not so much. The DLC Legacy and Mark of The Assassin did work to fix some of the problems, and had an enjoyable amount of dialogue between companions. Sad to see the expansion they had planned was scrapped. Was hoping for one last venture as Hawke.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the demo gameplay it might be worth looking into. It has flaws, but it isn't utterly terrible as most seem to treat it. Besides, it is probably down in price by now anyway.

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Dragon Age II is a good game, despite what a lot of people will say, but it's a far cry from the quality and depth of Dragon Age: Origins. It does a couple things better, but most of the game stinks of an extremely short development cycle. Where as DA:O had quite a long one. DA2 is a good game, it just does not really compare vary well with DA:O in many areas, but not all. The current price for PC is $20, which is easily worth it.

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DA2 was a lot of fun for me. Can kind of tell the game was rushed to release, but the overall quality of the game is quite good in my opinion.

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I enjoyed DA2. What people are saying about the recycled level design is definitely true. There's probably only 5 or 6 dungeon designs that are re-used throughout the whole game. But I had fun playing it, and really....that's all that matters.

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It's so cheap nowadays, so why not.

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I'm sort of in the same boat now.

I've been looking around for a length game that will last me through some of the summer. Initially, I was looking at Dragon's Dogma, but I'm hesitant with the difficulty spikes. Also was thinking about Two Worlds 2. I was a big fan of DA:O and for $20 I thought this might be worth a gamble.

Any other thoughts?

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It's extremely average and dull. It's not terrible. I wouldn't recommend it but its up to you, you may enjoy it like some have.

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@AuthenticM: So long as you aren't offended that they made the combat more responsive and explosive, then sure. I'm sure you can get it for a steal and the game is only met with such poor reception because people adore Origins so much. It's still one of the better WRPGs available this generation even if it doesn't hold up to it's predecessor.

If you've played the Fable II and III, rest assured that the quality difference between DAO and DA2 is significantly smaller than the controversial Fable counterpart.

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It's fun during the first playthrough, but it doesn't even compare to the replay value of DA:O.

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Dragon Age II is shit. I'm not even one of those who were mad that it was shit, it's just objectively a very bad game.

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It's pretty dire once you begin to notice that you're traversing the same dungeons repeatedly, and having your tactics thwarted by enemies who spawn in waves. It's not the worst game ever now, but being a fan of DA:O is a detriment when playing this game.

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If you don't like Origins, then yeah, maybe.

You are going to see the same set pieces over and over again. Enemies will drop out of the sky in waves, surrounding your mages and making tactical planning very haphazard. Enemies will explode in blood like somebody stuck grenades in their spleens. Your character will stay in one city, for an entire game length (10 years game time), and merely be a witness to everyone else making drastic changes. And those are just the major complaints.

It's probably equal to Two Worlds II in objective gameplay, and for how cheap it is now, it's almost worth buying it to have your own firsthand opinion on the game.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I appreciate it.

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