What new class would you like to see for DA3?

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 Dragon Age, so far, has had 3 class archetypes; the Mage, the Warrior, and the Rogue.

If they could implement a new class what would you like it to be?

Firstly the game should implement some type of "conditions" system, i.e.; disease, poison, cripple, bleed, blind, etc...This conditions system would make great use of the class i would like to see introduced in Dragon Age 3.

For me, I would really like to see the implementation of a "Cleric-esque" class. The Cleric would have true hybrid build capabilities. Strong melee abilities, with either sword/shield or two-handed maces, and Offensive and Defensive "Holy" magic. I really do not like how mages have to fill the roll of healers and protectors. In the past BioWare has use this class make-up before of  Mage, Warrior, Rogue, Cleric. One small step for the Cleric's implementation would be to simply remove the "creation" tree from the Mage and give it to the Cleric. The Cleric's role would have great versatility. They could play the part of strong melee damage, Tank, Healer (caster or melee), or casting damage.

Magic: Defensive
A Cleric could fill the role of melee heals through damaging attacks that had beneficial effects to comrades in their proximity or direct healing to a specific target for greater effects. Give them the "glyph" spells. Also, new protective spells that make invisible holy barriers that create impenetrable walls for a duration. Close range proximity knock downs, Repulse. Cure disease and poison. "Convert" enemies for a duration to fight on your side. Holy light which would "shockwave" a blinding effect. "Selflessness" a taunt. Heal...yep. "Mend" would be rid of a condition. "Premonition" makes the Cleric unhittable for a duration. "Blessing of the Chantry" grants the Cleric's group   . "Andraste's Fortitude" the Cleric takes half physical damage when a sword and shield or an Idol and tome are equipped. "Sacred Ground" is an area of effect which lingers on the ground and heals friendly targets.

Magic: Offensive
Holy weapon enhancement (like the mage's elemental one). "Resurrection" makes recently killed enemies rise to fight at your side. "Light" similar to the mage's arcane missile. "Wrath" an area of effect holy damage spell. "Plague" a damaging over time "touch" spell that could jump from enemy to enemy. "Famine" enemies are unable to heal themselves or allies for a duration. "Locus" basically the same as the shape shifter tree's "swarm" ability. "Script of the Dogma" allows the Cleric to summon a warrior of light to add them for a long duration. "Andraste's Fortitude" the Cleric deals additional holy and physical damage and their critical chance is increased when a two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapons are equipped. "Sacred Ground" is an area of effect spell which lingers on the ground and damages enemy targets.

"Vengeance of the Old God" is a leaping attack that fills your two-handed hammer with holy energy in mid-air then when it strikes the enemy it does massive damage and knocks them down. If "Vengeance of the Old Gods" kills the target while a two-handed weapon is equipped their body explodes dealing shrapnel damage to all nearby enemies. If "Vengeance of the Old Gods" kills the enemy while the Cleric wields two one-handed weapons then the Cleric, and all nearby friends, are healed for the amount of damage done. "Holy Shield" bashes the enemy knocking them down, if it is used from behind it sends out a taunting shockwave. "Chain of Light" creates an ethereal chain attached to your weapon which your weapon is then thrown into the enemy and the Cleric yanks them to you.

class Effect (like Brittle, Stagger, or Disorient):
Fanaticism. When the Cleric used specific abilities they would have the chance to apply Fanaticism to either friend or foe. To enemies Fanaticism would make them fight on your side for a short duration while simultaneously make them unhittable from allied attacks, besides from friendly abilities (skill tree attacks), which would have enhanced effects. When applied to a friendly target, through heals or protections, Fanaticism would either make their hits steal additional HP on swing/cast, increase defensive abilities, or cripple the enemy on hit with a random outcome.

I could probably go into deeper detail, but it sure you're bored of reading this. What do you guys want to see?

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I would like a activated buff that keeps the game from crashing.

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I actually like the fact that there are only 3 main classes, but adding more specializations for the next one would be interesting. It would be pretty cool if some of them were more hybrid style, but it would probably be difficult to balance that. 

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@TerraMantis: Based on DA 2 i am not entirely sure I want a DA3 unless they have more than 2 years to make it.
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Try a crack. That worked for me.

Every time I buy a PC game and it runs like shit I try cracking it. So far its worked in 3/4 cases. 
New Vegas was insanely busted for me considering I could run Fallout 3 @ 1900x1200 with max settings and could not run Vegas @ 600x400 with lowest possible. 

As for class changes it sounds like you just want more meaningful specializations. 
IMO I felt that I simply did not have enough spells as a mage. Not even counting cool downs. 
Much like the entire game you just need more to do-Like play Icewind dale and then ME2 rofl.

Good suggestions all the same.
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@Malakhii said:
" I actually like the fact that there are only 3 main classes, but adding more specializations for the next one would be interesting. It would be pretty cool if some of them were more hybrid style, but it would probably be difficult to balance that.  "
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I don't want new classes.  I just want all of the race options back.

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As others have said - we don't need new classes. We need a bigger world.

Having said that, if they were going to introduce another class, I would ask that they create a mage with some offensive physical skills. It makes no sense that all the mages are incredibly brittle - surely SOME of them must exercise and learn to use a sword! You could balance it by giving them less health or no access to advanced spells. 

Another good class would be a mechanic type class - dwarves who primarily use grenades, traps, automatic crossbows, maybe even a very, very primitive flint-lock pistol. Hell, why not a Qunari equipped with a primitive rifle!? They've got cannons, surely a primitive musket can't be too hard for them to create.

But in all honestly the three classes are more than enough, and you can specialize in certain talents - for instance, a warrior might be a Beserker or a Sword'n'Shield type or a two-handed warrior. A mage might specialize in healing friends or crippling enemies with de-buffs and hexes. There's already quite a few class choices.
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@TerraMantis:  Isn't Cleric basically a Templar? I just want the ability to specialize my Companions again, Anders being the only capable healer was really inconvenient.
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there's no point in making new classes

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In the essence of just the words...i might say yes. In reality no, they're different especially when it comes to the DA universe and the way i have explained the Cleric. In the DA universe a Templar is more of an anti-caster. They extinguish enemy's mana over several hits, create anti-casting fields, silence, cleanse the area of magic and so on. Whereas, what i am proposing is very different than an anti-caster. Sure they have some similarities, but ultimately are very different. My Cleric would be like several different things. If you choose to go melee with sword and shield they would be more like a paladin, capable of fairly descent melee damage and or "tanking". Pure healing or casting damage you would wield an Idol and a Tome for a Priest or Seraphim type feel. Lastly, would be a melee pure damage spec where you would cycle between a two-handed mace or two one-handed weapons that would have different ability outcomes depending on what weapons you were striking with.  I think the class would really give a lot of versatility to your group make-up options. Sure it is kind of like several "tree branches" that already exist in the game, like spirit warrior and some heals mixed with some Templar and Force mage. I think a true hybrid class could really be great for customization possibilities for a group. It's basically a warrior-mage, but very different at the same time. My Cleric is more of a mind controller that is a holy striker and chanter (prayers that would buff). So far, DA is really only broken up into 1 or 2 classes, ranged and not. It would be nice to have a class that could do both.

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@TerraMantis: Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.
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A class called: Holy Warrior of the Gods and Kings

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A new class of game.  One which doesn't piss down the fanbase's legs can say it's raining.

#15 Posted by Dookysharpgun (586 posts) -
@SeriouslyNow said:
" A new class of game.  One which doesn't piss down the fanbase's legs can say it's raining. "

Also: If we could get the Arcane Warrior back, and actually make it a class, perhaps a Tevinter Imperium taught class, then that would just be fantastic...oh and maybe have more weapons and armour tailored to not making a mage male look like a cross-dresser...unless, you know, that's the way you like it, which is cool...and some spells that give proper buffs. How about full elemental armour? We had rock, now lets try fire, ice, lightning and nature! Hell force and blood armour would be cool!
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How about they just go back to making Baldur's Gate games, the static DnD ruleset will keep them from being able to fuck things up too much.

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No new classes needed... just expand the existing ones.

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Healing felt pretty awful. I wouldn't mind if they made improvements to it through mechanic changes or otherwise. And more than one meaningful set piece would be wonderful.

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I kinda like how they handled healing because you can't just turtle like a bitch too much. Combat should discourage bitch styles of play.

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I know there's already mages, but we really need wizards - just for the excuse to say that you're wizard that's eff'ed up.

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@Malakhii said:
" I actually like the fact that there are only 3 main classes, but adding more specializations for the next one would be interesting. It would be pretty cool if some of them were more hybrid style, but it would probably be difficult to balance that.  "
Exactly this. Still a lil annoyed that they even narrowed down the number of specialisations available from four to three between Origins and DA2. I loved my Championing in Origins =(
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A Geralt class.

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I don't think they need a new class. They just need to expand the existing ones with more specilizations, skills and higher level cap. Also Bioware needs to hire some loot designers because Bioware have never been good at making exciting loot...

 @Bobby_The_Great said:

A Geralt class.

 You mean a bloke who has sex with women? They don't need that.
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@Hailinel said:
I don't want new classes.  I just want all of the race options back.

Also I want Mages to basically be a race again. It was so fucking cool how they handled the circle in the first game.

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