Are you gonna play DA 3: Multiplayer?

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Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (3791 posts) 1 year, 9 months ago

Poll: Are you gonna play DA 3: Multiplayer? (119 votes)

Yes I will buy it, I'ma play MP 21%
Yes I will buy it, noh I won't play MP 29%
No, I won't buy it 31%
I HAT EA 18%

So, I've said in random posts or chat before, that I got to 1600 in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. I just checked yesterday, and I think I was 1498. So!, I'ma try get back to that supposed 1600, and pass over to 1700. Its gonna take a solid while, but damn its fun. I just checked and I'm on 1528 now.

I remember before ME3 came out, it was rumored it was gonna get multiplayer, and maybe some Co-Op. [I think, the multiplayer was farmed out to some other developer. I don't rembember.] I remember that it usually came down to the Bioshock argument: "The game doesn't need it. Why would I want it?"

But, as it stands: I'm not sure why ME3 Multi turned out so good. Its simply that: I had fun. In fact, a year later, I'm still having a-buncha fun. Between then And now, they added the Battlefield 3 Soldier. And as of now, they have 58 different classes.

As of now: These 2 DA3 images are the only thing I have to go with.

These probably aren't multiplayer stages, and yo: probably more like concept art. But fuck it. I'ma roll with it. I could see myself having MP fun there. I simply had too much fun, to not get Dragon Age 3. ~ But DA Part 2, I borrowed from my friend. And I had an amusing discussion, getting him to tell me what the story was about. Me: "Joey. I don't give a fuck what the storys' about. Just tell me what it is.. LIE TO ME. Lie to me, and Tell me, what's the story about. Can you C4 a dragon?" ~ Joey: "Its about man. Kratos!. " Me: "Great!" J: "You could C4 a dragon." ~ It went something like that. A Gist.

Anyway: What say you: Will you picketh this up? Will you Multiplayer it, and C4 many dragons? ~ Or do you hat EA?

[As far as I've heard, It might have PVE and PVP. Maybe you can choose a dragon in MP. ALL COOLNESS.]

#1 Posted by JZ (2120 posts) -

Will it be good? If yes, sure I'll play it

#2 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (955 posts) -

Can I play as a Krogan?

#3 Edited by Yummylee (22579 posts) -

hatter's gonna hat

#4 Edited by Blu3V3nom07 (3791 posts) -
#5 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (3791 posts) -

Can I play as a Krogan?

Mm. Maybe?. . Uhh, if at all, like at least 9 months after the game comes out. Like the BF3 soldier did..

#6 Edited by Yummylee (22579 posts) -

But seriously, we know close to nothing about this game, least as far as the gameplay is concerned. It's pointless to create a thread asking if people will play the multiplayer when we don't even know what the multiplayer will be. Though I would wage a guess that it'll resemble a hack n slash action-RPG ala Diablo, given the direction Dragon Age 2 took the gameplay -- most importantly the initial requirement to click for each attack...

#7 Posted by gogosox82 (424 posts) -

If this was co op,I think this would be ok but it sounds like its a hack n slash battle arena which doesn't sounds like too much fun but this is unconfirmed by ea or bioware and just a rumor so this might not even be in the game.

#8 Posted by HH (635 posts) -

i can't wait for DA 3, but the multiplayer? eh, whatever, i played a few games of the mass effect mp and it did not do enough to shake off how jaded i feel about endless cycles of mp matches.

i like DA because i'm into building characters, leveling, squad control, pause combat, role-playing, exploring worlds... none of which have anything to do with other players.

#9 Posted by JasonR86 (9729 posts) -

I probably won't even buy it. If I did, the last thing I would do with it is play multiplayer.

#10 Edited by FFFFFFF (75 posts) -

They have to convince me to play DA3 before we start talking about mp.

The mp in ME3 seemed fine, so if that's an indicator DA3s might as well. But it also seemed like a crutch they used in the single player for side quests, which actually made the SP worse. So watch out for that.

#11 Posted by ConfusedOwl (972 posts) -

After what EA has been doing it's going to take a lot just to make me play it single player. So I doubt it.

#12 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7100 posts) -

Maybe, if they don't fuck up the single player. It needs to be far more like Origins and far less like DA2 for me to be interested at all.

#13 Posted by StarvingGamer (8560 posts) -

If it has the same level of quality/hooks that the ME3 multiplayer had, then sure why not.

But no way is it going to have multiplayer.


#14 Posted by casper_ (908 posts) -

im sure multiplayer is the solution to fixing what was wrong with dragon age 2.

i know EA/Bioware hate is played out but sometimes it seems like they are trying very hard to appeal to broader audiences and wind up making games for no one. lets de-emphasize the things that a large group of people enjoyed about a game and emphasize a bunch of shit that is never actually going to bring in the mainstream audience and also has the effect of alienating people who enjoyed the game. they just seem massively tone deaf sometimes.

#15 Edited by Roger778 (960 posts) -

I remember trying out the Multiplayer a few times in Mass Effect 3, and I was surprised by how much I liked it. It was fun just playing a few rounds with people I never met before online, and working together as a team.

But, in the end, I'm really a single-player gamer, and I plan to focus on the campaign for Dragon Age 3 instead.

#16 Edited by Donkeycow (558 posts) -

Dragon Age 3 is going to have multiplayer? Fuuuuuu-

As other have been saying, EA's recent track record paired with the shittiness that was DA2 means i doubt i'll even buy dragon age 3 let alone play multiplayer.

#17 Posted by Abendlaender (2889 posts) -

What is the DA3 multiplayer? Neverwinter Nights had some sort of Multiplayer and I loved it, so what is it? If it's some stupid deathmatch, no thanks. If it is actually creative and fun, sure why not?

#18 Posted by Mrsignerman44 (1100 posts) -

After DA2? Nah, I don't have faith in EA.

#19 Posted by Yummylee (22579 posts) -

What is the DA3 multiplayer? Neverwinter Nights had some sort of Multiplayer and I loved it, so what is it? If it's some stupid deathmatch, no thanks. If it is actually creative and fun, sure why not?

Nobody knows. We haven't even seen any gameplay whatsoever yet, hence why such a thread like this is bloody stupid.

#20 Edited by Brodehouse (10138 posts) -

I would dig some campaign multiplayer, where I can pop into someone's game and control one of their characters. And then get some bonus XP or gear or coin or supplies or whatever I can take back into my game.

Of course, if they had to make it a completely separate mode, maybe a series of big dungeons that you could tackle as a team, kind of like WoW instances. Group play and instances was always my favorite part of MMOs, and I kept waiting for that to show up elsewhere. That's something I dug about Uncharted 2's multiplayer, those co-op maps where you moved throughout a level.

#21 Posted by TheHT (11828 posts) -

Sure, I'd try it. Why not?

#22 Posted by BaneFireLord (2958 posts) -

If a game is good, I will play that game. Dragon Age 3, like all unreleased games, has the potential to be good. Thus, potentiality exists for me to play Dragon Age multiplayer.

#23 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

They're adding multiplayer to dragon age?

Give me a second.


Fuck you Bioware.

#24 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (3791 posts) -
#25 Edited by Subjugation (4743 posts) -

It won't have MP like Mass Effect unless they completely do away with the turn-based element. If they turned it into an action RPG then it seems more plausible.

#26 Posted by EchoEcho (837 posts) -

It won't have MP like Mass Effect unless they completely do away with the turn-based element. If they turned it into an action RPG then it seems more plausible.

Multiplayer worked fine in Neverwinter Nights. Only thing I can think of that might be an issue is trying to navigate skill/item menus with a console controller in the heat of battle without the game automatically pausing. Wouldn't be a problem on the PC, though.

#27 Posted by Subjugation (4743 posts) -

@echoecho: How did that work? Was it turn based or real time? I never heard anything about Neverwinter Nights MP.

#28 Edited by Kidavenger (3629 posts) -

I'll play it once it makes it's way to Steam.

#29 Posted by Demoskinos (15179 posts) -

I can't wait to call some sick air-strikes on some fucking noobs man!

#30 Posted by EchoEcho (837 posts) -

@subjugation: Very similar to how the combat works in DA -- real time, but with pseudo-turn-based elements. Attack and skill priorities for enemies and player characters are based on initiative rolls at the beginning of the fight, but you can move around and choose your targets at will in real time. In fact, I'd say that DA is even less turn-based than NWN is, because initiative scores don't seem to play as much of a part in determining when skills and attacks go off.

The only real difference between single-player versus multiplayer is that your other party members are being controlled by actual people, rather than AI.

If DAIII continues in the vein of making the combat faster, like DAII did, then it could get kind of hectic trying to keep up with everything without the ability to pause and assess the battlefield -- but at the same time, if you only need to be worrying about your own character and not your entire party, it wouldn't necessarily be unmanageable.

#31 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

No. It's not going to be the PVE I care about and PVP isn't what I want from the game. Gods I hope they don't balance the whole game around all of the modes instead of totally separating PVP out from the rest of it, especially singleplayer.

Oh fuck it, I don't really care about this game. It'll be the same crappy character structure, the same stupid style, etc etc etc.

#32 Edited by ChaosDent (234 posts) -

@echoecho: Have they announced anything about how DA 3 will play? Not that I would trust them if they did announce anything. They made big promises about DA 2 as well, but as you say it was clearly a hastily modified DA 1 combat engine. They just sped up the turn time and eliminated the action queue--actions trigger as soon as you press the button and can never be cancelled by a stun once you start them. It feels much more responsive, but it falls short of being even a competent action game while at the same time nerfing almost all of the interesting tactical play through interface changes, bad balance and bad encounter design.

If Dragon Age is going to be console first, they need a new combat engine, and they need to decide if they will be a single character action game like Mass Effect or a multi-character menu driven game like Knights of the Old Republic. I'd rather have the former for a PvE mode and the latter for a PvP mode. In any case, either of those paradigms than the half-assed attempt at both they went for with DA 2.

I personally probably won't look at multiplayer at all in Dragon Age 3, so I'd rather they go back to a top-down classic style tactical view on PC with good encounter design and meaningful tactical considerations like positioning, terrain and friendly fire, but I'm not stupid enough to hope for anything from BioWare any more.

#33 Posted by Daveyo520 (7008 posts) -

Maybe, ME3's MP was actually pretty fun.

#34 Posted by Reisz (1527 posts) -

The next Dragon Age doesn't even exist in my mind until it's been released and I've seen it in action.

#35 Posted by musclerider (597 posts) -

I think the title of the thread is really misleading. Dragon Age isn't going to have multiplayer, end of story.

#36 Edited by Funkydupe (3321 posts) -

I need a 70% readiness rating to play DA3 multiplayer and to achieve that rating I need to grind the singleplayer story into a pulp.

#37 Posted by phrosnite (3518 posts) -

Don't lie, guys. Of course you'll buy the game.

#38 Posted by Dragon_Fire (369 posts) -

If the base game isn't complete shit like DA2 was then I might consider buying the game, and hell if the Multiplayer is any good I might give it a try.

And here is me hoping this game will have mod support, should I even hope for such a feature?

#39 Posted by rebgav (1429 posts) -

1) They're putting a multiplayer mode in Dragon Age?

2) They're making another Dragon Age?

1b & 2b) Why?

#40 Posted by Dimsey (967 posts) -

I'll certainly try it. If it's good I'll keep playing it.
Dragon Age certainly doesn't NEED it, but if it's there and it's good then great!

#41 Posted by GideonAmos (199 posts) -

@rebgav: You'd be a good executive. I heard EA is in need of one.

#42 Edited by Zephan (48 posts) -

Doesn't need MP. I'll probably avoid playing it at launch as I'm still trying to remind myself to play DA2, which is currently on my pile of shame :(

#43 Posted by Picsl (195 posts) -

I don't see how that is going to work. Maybe in the same way MMO PvP works, but that just sounds boring to me.

#44 Posted by EchoEcho (837 posts) -

@chaosdent: I'm fairly certain they haven't gone into specifics at all, only saying that they intend to take the "best elements from DA:O and DAII" for DAIII. But what they consider to be the best elements, I don't know. They're supposedly taking the criticism for DAII to heart, but that doesn't exactly tell us much. While I enjoyed the combat more in DA:O, I didn't despise all of the changes they made for DAII -- so if they can find a solid middle-ground then that sounds good to me, though it's probably not much of a comfort for anyone who disliked everything about DAII top to bottom.

I assumed I would have no interest in ME3's multiplayer until I actually tried it, and then I was pretty well hooked, so I won't discount anything until I see it for myself. I think going the PvP route would be a mistake, though -- I don't want character classes and skills balanced for PvP, nor do I want completely different sets of classes and/or skills specifically for PvP. PvE sounds like a lot more fun with DA's combat system, anyway.

Either way, I do hope they pull back somewhat from the "consolization" that went on in DAII. DA:O was a fantastic PC game and worked surprisingly well on a controller, too; the changes they made in DAII that negatively affected the PC version (such as the inability to zoom the camera out to a comfortable distance, for one) were completely unnecessary. They should make DAIII on the PC be a PC-ass PC game, and then make whatever changes are necessary for the console versions, not the other way around.

#45 Posted by Brodehouse (10138 posts) -

I wonder why everyone immediately assumes it would be PvP. Especially when their shooter had no PvP.

#46 Posted by ThomasG666 (154 posts) -

We don't need another multiplayer.

#47 Posted by Irvandus (2899 posts) -

I'll play it with friends. I actually enjoyed ME:3 multiplayer quite a lot. I sitll hate EA though.

#48 Posted by Creamypies (4091 posts) -

I've learnt from both Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed not to judge or pass opinion until I've tried it. Sure, the idea of Dragon Age 3 having multiplayer sounds like a bad one... but so did my previous two examples, and look how well they turned out.

#49 Posted by ChaosDent (234 posts) -

@echoecho: I'm pretty sure they can make a better game than DA II, I'm willing to give them the 'rushed' excuse for many of the problems it had. I still think a real PC interface and balance pass is too much to expect from DA III, so I'm just hoping it's a solid console game. There are plenty of PC-ass RPGs coming down the pipe from smaller teams using Kickstarter (Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 2, Torment 2, Project Eternity, probably more that I'm not aware of) that I'm not going to get bent out of shape if DA III isn't one.

#50 Posted by EXTomar (4951 posts) -

I'm more inclined to not play Dragon Age 3 because it is Dragon Age 3.

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