Are you gonna play DA 3: Multiplayer?

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Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4297 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Are you gonna play DA 3: Multiplayer? (119 votes)

Yes I will buy it, I'ma play MP 21%
Yes I will buy it, noh I won't play MP 29%
No, I won't buy it 31%
I HAT EA 18%

So, I've said in random posts or chat before, that I got to 1600 in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. I just checked yesterday, and I think I was 1498. So!, I'ma try get back to that supposed 1600, and pass over to 1700. Its gonna take a solid while, but damn its fun. I just checked and I'm on 1528 now.

I remember before ME3 came out, it was rumored it was gonna get multiplayer, and maybe some Co-Op. [I think, the multiplayer was farmed out to some other developer. I don't rembember.] I remember that it usually came down to the Bioshock argument: "The game doesn't need it. Why would I want it?"

But, as it stands: I'm not sure why ME3 Multi turned out so good. Its simply that: I had fun. In fact, a year later, I'm still having a-buncha fun. Between then And now, they added the Battlefield 3 Soldier. And as of now, they have 58 different classes.

As of now: These 2 DA3 images are the only thing I have to go with.

These probably aren't multiplayer stages, and yo: probably more like concept art. But fuck it. I'ma roll with it. I could see myself having MP fun there. I simply had too much fun, to not get Dragon Age 3. ~ But DA Part 2, I borrowed from my friend. And I had an amusing discussion, getting him to tell me what the story was about. Me: "Joey. I don't give a fuck what the storys' about. Just tell me what it is.. LIE TO ME. Lie to me, and Tell me, what's the story about. Can you C4 a dragon?" ~ Joey: "Its about man. Kratos!. " Me: "Great!" J: "You could C4 a dragon." ~ It went something like that. A Gist.

Anyway: What say you: Will you picketh this up? Will you Multiplayer it, and C4 many dragons? ~ Or do you hat EA?

[As far as I've heard, It might have PVE and PVP. Maybe you can choose a dragon in MP. ALL COOLNESS.]

#51 Posted by EchoEcho (836 posts) -

@chaosdent: Fair enough. Polishing DAIII up for consoles seems the more likely route for them to take, anyway. Played the first two games on 360 originally, since my gaming PC was out of commission at the time DA:O came out, so playing the third on console wouldn't bother me much anyway.

#52 Edited by gamefreak9 (2397 posts) -

IT exists? I dno if it gets 5 stars on GB i might buy it and why not give MP a spin too.

#53 Posted by Marcsman (3262 posts) -

Worst grammatical poll ever. Vote for none of the above.

#54 Edited by Robot_Sneakers (418 posts) -

I'm a sucker for RPGs and I loved Origins and Dragon Age 2 was alright, it had some memorable moments. I will buy Dragon Age 3 if it looks decent, and if I do I could go for some multiplayer.

No idea if I'd like it but I thought I'd hate Mass Effect's and I really enjoyed the multiplayer minus the random loot stuff.

#55 Edited by Example1013 (4834 posts) -

Can't they just remake Dragon Age: Origins 2 and do it right this time? I'd totally pay $60 for an actual DA:O sequel.

#56 Edited by Zirilius (720 posts) -

If they can make it a fun experience like Mass Effect's MP then I'm all about it. Will still reserve judgment until I see it but I hold out hope that it could be good.

#57 Posted by emem (1972 posts) -

I don't know, maybe?

#58 Posted by Shiseiten (36 posts) -

I will play the single player mode only.

If i wanted to play multiplayer, I would have played an MMORPG.

#59 Posted by Slag (4737 posts) -

Probably not. Multiplayer for most games takes too long to get achievements , and ties up too much of my time for other games. I'm on the fence right now with getting the game and will be till I learn more but it's the single player I'm after.

Besides I've got excellent mutliplayer games I do play regularly for the mutliplayer, I'd rather play those.

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