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In case you've missed it, a new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer came out.

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I'm less excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition than I probably want to be. Much like Mass Effect, the previous game kinda ended on a low point for me (despite liking it better than most).

Traditionally, I always thought Bioware's weakest trait was their world building. Hell, they even managed to make their MMO feel like an assortment of narrow corridors, which is really hard to do. You have to put effort into world building that transparent and weak.

Anyways, it looks like Bioware finally tries to set themselves free from their *RPG Maker-style* world building of yore. The landscapes on display are nothing short of breathtaking, and assuming they're making good on the *Discover*-aspect of it all, and exploration is a focal point of Inquisition, I ought to be more excited.

Bioware story and character interactions in more organic feeling, open and alive gameworlds? Sign me up. Color me cautiously optimistic in hoping that Bioware's struggle to be relevant again in this new current generation will be successful. In my heart of hearts, I know I want more Bioware games - even if I don't quite feel the hype like I used to.

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Well they do have mounts in this (for the first time in a Bioware game if I remember correctly) and I think I read somewhere that a designer said that each "level" in the game is larger than all the levels of Dragon Age 2 combined and that there would be several maps to travel between, each being up to four or five times bigger than Fereldan from Origins.

So if all that is true, they have created a big world, whether it will be interesting and worth to explore and travel in remains to be seen.

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There was already a front page news article about this same trailer....

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Truly, this is the age of dragons.

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I've never felt that Thedas had a consistent place, maybe it's due to the shift in art style with each game but I just don't know any distinctive features that are tied to that world. For all it's faults I did think that the overall art style (if not the environmental variety) in DAII was a positive change, stood out more than origins more generic look.

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