Dragon Age 3 Will be Assembled from the 'Best' Parts of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2

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@Dany: They pretty much ruined Mass Effect 2, so I think they're good at listening to the stupid fans who want spastic shooting and simplification.
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@sephirm87 said:

I thought DA2 was alright. At least Bioware is trying to do new things with their games.

They didn't do anything new in DA2, they just made it worse and recycled content like I've seen no developer do before.
I'm not really bothered, Dragon Age wasn't exactly amazing to begin with, the storytelling and characters weren't all that and after the trainwreck that is DA2 I struggle to obtain any enthusiasm for this game.
@Roger778 said:

Even though Dragon Age 2 suffered from repeated Dungeons, that are known in this game, as Caves, and it was set only in one city, I feel that this is the best game I have played so far this year. 

I'd agree about Dragon Age 2 being the best game I've played so far this year too.
...that's assuming I've not played anything else, unfortunately for Dragon Age 2 I have. I didn't even mind the combat changes in DA2 but all of the recycling is just not cool.
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So, is the story going to suck (Dragon Age II) or be absent (Origins)? I'm not really sure, which is worse, and Muzyka didn't say anything about adding new, good elements do Dragon Age III.

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the time is now for Bioware to make DA3 to be like Saturn's DragonForce. 

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As opposed to the worst parts? I don't doubt that the game will be good, but isn't this exactly what one would expect someone to say if they want to sell you on something?

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Good to hear to they listened to their fans.  Dragon Age Origins amazing Dragon Age 2 medicore in comparsion but it was still fun to play.
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DA2 is one of those games for which the dislike and disappointment didn't hit me until the very end, when I realized how poorly the story was being sewn up. Up to that point, I had been trying to look past the game's other flaws, like the warping-in enemies, repetitive corridors, side-quest items for which you can magically determine the owners, and claustrophobic scope compared to DA1, to name a few. The slapdash crescendo of the main storyline, however, was the last straw.

I didn't have any issues with the combat on a mechanical level, aside from the spawning waves of enemies in every encounter, that essentially threw potion and mana/stamina bar management (an RPG staple) out the window.

Good aspects of the game? Well, the voice acting was stellar. Graphically the game looked a bit slicker, and stylistically more interesting. I thought the new ability-trees were alright. The new characters had interesting backstories. If only they had been put in a better game.

I bought all of the DLC for DA:O, including Awakening, and finished the game three or four times. I've bought none of the DLC for DA2, and played it through once. Says it all, really. Bioware are going to have to work mighty hard to get me hyped up for Dragon Age 3, and it definitely won't come in the form of a pre-order this time.

- Scott

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i didnt buy 2 because of the symbols that tell you what your chice is. i dislike that it was "pick good or bad" when dragon age 1 made me sooooo happy with with its moral ambiguity . thats not the ONLY reason but yea... that was a rather large nail in the coffin.

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@TrueEnglishGent said:

There was good parts of Dragon Age 2? That's news to me.

My thoughts exactly... DAO2 was downhill in all ways as far as I'm concerned... It seemed like a effort to please the plebeian masses as opposed to pleasing the fans (aka the people who loved the first game)...
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Saying it's going to be assembled from any parts of DA2 I immediately thought about the cave settings being over used.

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I can see DA3 being worse than DA2.

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I still can't get over the fact that they made DA:O, an old school styled game, and it fucking rocked.... and then they decided to fuck it all up by dumbing it down.

DA3 would have to be pretty amazing for me to give it a chance.

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Hmm there is not much from DA2 to like
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DA2 was a meh game. Sure the combat was better but playing a warrior i didnt really feel that i was hurting them i wanted something beefier. So yeah the combat was better and...Thats it yeah.

The cons out weight the pros of the game. I didnt want DAO2 i was seriously really excited for DA2 but bioware just messed up. It was an okay game. Nothing special.

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I HATED Dragon age 2's combat. I thought it was boring and repetitive. Though I am relieved to see they've taken the feedback to heart, if they don't ditch or at least improve that combat system drastically for the sequel. I will not buy it. I loved Origins. I think it's one of the best RPGS out there and I would hate to see a franchise with such potential be destroyed.

@DG991 said:

I still can't get over the fact that they made DA:O, an old school styled game, and it fucking rocked.... and then they decided to fuck it all up by dumbing it down.

DA3 would have to be pretty amazing for me to give it a chance.

And I agree with this post. They really ruined the game by dumbing the hell out of it for the masses, and don't get me started on the reused areas.

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