Guess the multiplayer components for DA3?

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Anyone want to take bets on what the multiplayer component of DA3 will be? It would be nice to see some full fledged 2-4 player coop support, but I'm guessing they're not going to be willing to put the money/time into that. Maybe something along the lines of Mass Effect 3 though, another play on the Gears' horde mode.

If it's not full campaign coop though, I will be super disappointed, but not surprised.

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Dragon on Dragon fights.

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Who can pick the best romance options, the fastest? Combined with:

@Phatmac said:

Dragon on Dragon fights.

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At least I hope so.

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@Tennmuerti said:


At least I hope so.

Me, too, but that doesn't seem likely given the atmosphere at EA these days when it comes to single player only titles. I would wage there will be something. And it'll probably be dumb.

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There will be something, it will be a dumb horde mode with gear that you get randomly from packs.

It could be awesome if they made full coop and copied the system from swtor, but they won't.

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Co op or leaderboards

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yeah i could totally see horde dungeon runs that you and third other people can jump in and do. You will have your classes and will get loot and armor most likely in the same vain as mass effect 3, or maybe they will take a page from diablo 3 and borderlands were you have to keep fighting boss characters for rare loot. I'm sure you will have some form of currency in the game where you can just buy better loot or use real money to buy. I could see that happening easy.

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Im going to slit throats if I can't get EVERY achievement by playing solo. I want nothing to do with Dragon Age multiplayer. Let me enjoy my single player stuff without forcing me to do multiplayer and You'll have my money EA

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Make it come full circle and just have each player romance each other. That's slightly less pathetic than the way romances already work and are emphasized in these games.

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Build up your Love Power Meter by playing Team versus Team deathmatch, and when you've reached a 75% readiness level or more, you can ask your love interest out on a date. You will have a better chance at reaching your goal if you have 98% or 100%.

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I am excited for copy and paste multiplayer maps with different entrances blocked.

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Hopefully no multiplayer. Probably all multiplayer.

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That's my guess on Dragon Age multiplayer.

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@Solh0und: You're probably right.

Multiplayer is now an "expectation", according to EA - but single-player only games are not dead.
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Compatibility with Battlefield 4.

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Somehow in the end I'm sure it'll all feed its stats and results to EVE Online.

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A MOBA style competitive multiplayer mode could be pretty cool, but its probably a horde mode or even downloadable extra quests.

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Co-op would be fantastic.

Use what they learned from The Old Republic (conversation wise) and make the whole game playable with 2-4 players? With the combat being a cross of DA1 and 2, leaning more towards 1?

I'd be all over it.

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Mage hunt: 4 templar players try and huntdown one mage player.

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Full out wars using the armies you've gathered. And a wardens vs darkspawns mode.

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I'd only accept co-op as an appropriate multiplayer feature for dragon age :(

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Even though I personally enjoyed it and wouldn't be disappointed to play a Dragon Age version, I would hope it's not merely Mass Effect 3 Multi-player: Dragon Age Edition.

It does need to be co-op, tasteful, relevant to storyline events and featuring player-created characters but focused around one over-arching mission, as opposed to horde-style waves.

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I would rather they spend their development time fixing what they broke in the last game instead of cramming in unwanted features. This game is an uphill struggle, and it seems like they realize it, so hopefully they don't add in a bunch of stuff that will earn them even more ill will. However I would totally play some dragon vs dragon battles.

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@Firecreed17 said:

Co op or leaderboards


bet there will be something similar to Dragon's Dogma's Ur-dragon bonus dungeon in that it creates a leaderboard.

It would be neat to see Bioware's take on the Dragon's Dogma pawn system mixed into their companion system, although I bet that's not going to be included.

Might be too icky though if you could use Bioware's romance options on another players' pawn....That I suppose could be very problematic.

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@Tennmuerti said:


At least I hope so.

Pfffft hahahahahahaha. This is EA we're talking about.

It'll be a co-op side story, a la The Darkness 2, but not nearly as fun, possibly broken, and something nobody will want.

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@Demoskinos said:

Im going to slit throats if I can't get EVERY achievement by playing solo. I want nothing to do with Dragon Age multiplayer. Let me enjoy my single player stuff without forcing me to do multiplayer and You'll have my money EA

It was shitty but they did it in Mass Effect 3 where the multiplayer achievements could also be unlocked by doing stuff in single player.

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@ChadMasterFlash: Hey, that works for me. As long as Its possible some other way than relying on finding a co-op buddy or some other garbage. The fun of Dragon Age to me is playing the game solo then working on trying different builds. The variety in Origins was amazing.

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It'll be like Lair. Truly the fucking age of dragons.

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multiplayer f2p facebook game with a cash shop, on-disk DLC, and twitter support

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Hopefully something that's easily ignored and doesn't take away from the quality of the campaign.

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