Missed Oppertunity-

#1 Posted by Ferginator4k (737 posts) -

Shame they didnt bundle the current DLC with the expansion. Just an idea. Still gonna get the expansion, replaying the original at the moment.

#2 Posted by sickVisionz (1268 posts) -

That's kinda like a missed opportunity for them to lose money.   Plus, you need to original game to play the DLC but from what I can tell, you can play the expansion without owning the original game.

#3 Posted by Ferginator4k (737 posts) -

 It says on steam that you require the original, so i dont think its standalone

#4 Posted by Zereta (1370 posts) -

As someone who stuck only with the Blood Dragon Armor with nothing else, I'm screwed when I go into Awakening... right?

#5 Edited by Binman88 (3689 posts) -
@Zereta:  Yes, that's gone, but there are a few new armour sets that are miles better. One of those armor sets also looks pretty damn awesome. ( Spoiler [armour set])

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