A Golem's Memories

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I've googled how to start this quest and everything says that you need to beat the Anvil of the Void quest, which I did. I got Shale in my party afterwards, it was the last thing I did. Every guide I look at tells me that talking to Shale in the camp after examining that stone roster in the room with the Anvil will make Shale tell me where a new area is in the Deep Roads, but it's not showing up. All I have are Caridin's Cross, Aeducan Thaig, Dead Trenches, and the Ortan Thaig, besides the Anvil. When I go to speak to Shale in the camp, there are no options for any quest and no possibilities for a conversation. Am I not able to do this quest? It's in my quest log and everything.

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Do you not need to look at the roster with Shale in the group?

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@Metzo_Paino: I did, Shale just said that he's going to study it, and that was it. No more options after that when I checked again. 
Oh sorry I should clarify, I went back to the Anvil room after I got Shale, so he could look at it.
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. "
Not to call anyone out, i can confirm through my own playthough that shale does not need to be in the party during those events - i just spoke to him in camp after 'destroying it' and he asked me what had happened and we went from there
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Yeah Shale doesn't need to be in your party, but if you have been ignoring shale the entire game don't expect him to just suddenly sit down with you and tell you everything.  You need to explore the dialog options he has as well as throw a few gifts his way.  I don't know if there's a super specific way to get it to happen but in three playthroughs (two with shale in my group all the time, one without) he has always given me the quest even if I sided with Branka and preserved the anvil.

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As long as Shale still dislikes birds, its all cool.

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