A new CRPG era?

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If this game becomes a success commercially, could there be a birth of a new CRPG era, similar to what we saw around the 2000? If there is enough interest, BioWare could make sequels, and other developers (err … Obisidan?) could jump on the bandwagon, and maybe … just maybe … someone could make something almost as good as Planescape: Torment.

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One would hope, there hasn't been too many great rpgs on computers lately, the Witcher was the last I can remember

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No because it will be ported to consoles, probly in the same time frame that mass effect was ported.

Do you really think EA would allow any bioware game to be exclusive from now on?

mass effect ported to pc
dragon age will be ported to consoles

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Dragon Age is definitely coming to consoles, they've said as much in numerous podcasts from E3.  My concern is that most of the buzz from E3 regarding Dragon Age wasn't too good.  I'm still hoping for the best, as I love everything Bioware does, and eagerly look forward to all their new games.

Getting back to snow's comment: I would love to see something along the lines of Torment, which is my absolute favorite game (regardless of genre) of all time.  Torn was supposed to be the spiritual successor to that (as they've called Dragon Age the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate), but they cancelled the game years ago, much to my chagrin.  I don't think we'll see another Planescape, but I still dream that it's a possibility.

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the buzz from the pre-E3 teaser non-sense was bad...after people played the game though it seemed to make a 180 and is mostly incredibly positive.  If you liked Baldur's Gate, seems like you'll love this, at least that's what the response seems to be.

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One can only hope, right?  While I don't think we will ever see CRPGs like we did in the olden days, I do think we may see an upswing.
Oh, and as good as Planescape?  Doubtful, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

#7 Posted by snow (15 posts) -

Even if DA will be a multi-platform game, I think that a possible new CRPG era would have to be just that, because certain things have changed.

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I doubt it. Most mainstream gamers stay away from computer games.. let alone RPGs in general.

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This could very well attract many people that have since stopped playing games, relive those memories of the BG days all those years ago. Believe it or not, there are tons of people that as they've gotten older just simply don't play games anymore due to to various things in life.  Kids, family, work, etc.. A game like Dragon Age could pique the interest of many old schoolers that have since left, and even bring back many to the PC that have gone the console route over the past few years, but I would bet the former is the much bigger crowd that Bioware wants to attract. When Black Isle Studios went down, that was a big blow to CRPG's. Although those guys went elsewhere, there is still plenty of talent out there today. Don't forget too, Diablo 3 is the other massive RPG coming to PC as well that will be far bigger then anything on any other platform as for wRPG's. The remake of the Witcher looks like it's going to take that game in a whole new direction, hopefully. But yeah, there is always room for more CRPG's as far as I'm concerned. We lost Mythos this week, which makes me sad, and has all the things that make a game great. I just hope they can find a a way to bring it back.

As for CRPG's, they've been pretty much replaced by MMO CRPG's, which is just a massive sub- industry when you think about it. SP RPG's are definately rare, and I guess this is why DA is so special. Let's not also forget about NWN2 too, the expansions are actually very good, and the community is really starting to pick up on it, nevermind the fact that NWN 1 is still a great game to this day. 

 I think Dragon Age Origins, this version we are talking about, will stay on PC due to it's archetecture and control scheme. Now, a console version might be possible in the Dragon Age world, as said by Ray a few times during E3, but this is a project they plan on continuing through downloadable missions as it's only a Single player game. I'm a bit dissapointed there won't be multiplayer, but to be honest, I'm more upset there's no co-op, which would be truley epic. There is zero lan support as well too, but this is something that can be patched into the game, meaning we could see Coop as a module later down the road. There are big plans for this game beyond release..so I really hope it turns out well.

On the 1up yours show last week, they  reiterated that this is a CRPG, tried and true, built from the ground up for the PC.  With the heavy  mouse and keyboard interface,  I'm not sure how a game like this in it's form would work on console. This would take a complete overhaul, not just a simple one as we saw in Mass Effeect. Ray also made it known that Bioware will not release a game that feels like a port, at least not under his control. Bioware wants to get back to their roots, and I think every single BG fan in the world is going to love this game, which I'm certainly excited for.

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If this game is as good as the old school Baldur's Gate games, I'll build a brand-new PC just to play it (my current PC is kind of...blah).

#11 Posted by snow (15 posts) -
dozerking said:
"The remake of the Witcher looks like it's going to take that game in a whole new direction, hopefully."
Do you mean the Enhanced version? AFAIK, that's just a tweak – nothing major.

As far as console version of DA, I don't care as long as they don't  fuck up the gameplay for the PC version.

And BioWare "getting back to their roots" – they'll do that if it's profitable, and not because they feel they  owe use one
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I know this is necromancy, but AFAIK there is nothing against it here, and I wanted somewhere to say my piece, especially as the release for the game is drawing closer. (no hard date yet though).

Dragon age looks good, I have missed that style of game (Since Planescape and BG2). I doubt it will reach planescape levels, but if it comes anywhere close I will be very happy.
I do have to agree, The Witcher (and the Enhanced version) was the best rpg I have played in a while, but its not the same style. I would like to see another one, or another similar by the company.

Anyway, I don't mind that DA is coming to consoles either, they are doing it right this time and releasing the PC version first, since all their original followers are PC users, and plus that game style sucks balls on a console. (though, I prefer just about anything on a PC). As long as they aren't doing that Jade Empire or Mass Effect console release first crap, I am happy.

MMO CRPG's and singleplayer CRPG's can hardly be compared. They play style might be the same, but in an MMO its about interaction and leveling your character, while in a single players is all about the unfolding of a story and development of a character or characters... completely different. Other than the witcher, this will be the first good primarily/exclusive CRPG I have seen in a while.

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I really do not mind coming out on consoles, anyone that has played Mass Effect knows that Bioware can make a game that takes advantage of both the pc and onsole crew, and lets not forget the game comes with a powerful mod tool, which will fuel the community to keep pumping out new content back into the game :)

#14 Posted by Lunarbunny (1055 posts) -

I'm still curious as to how Afterfallwill turn out...

#15 Posted by Memoriter (35 posts) -
Lunarbunny said:
"I'm still curious as to how Afterfallwill turn out..."
Afterfall looks good, cant remember whether it was edge or pc gamer that had a really good article about it.

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I think for Computer-RPG to be fully revived there needs to be more than a couple of good games (we've got Dragon Age and Diablo III coming). I think firstly one of the many reasons why a section of gaming crowd has shifted from PC to consoles is because of the ever-present need to upgrade the system to constantly meet the requirements of the games. And with more painful head-aches like DRM (noble purpose,poor tool) and all the necessity to be constantly online to play (GTA IV PC anyone?) I doubt CRPG would reach the pinnacle it did during the 2000s.

As I said there needs to be more than a single revolution.
#17 Posted by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

Soley Computer RPGs are near dead. Not because they don't rule, but because of piracy. The lack of an online component in most RPGs means that Pirate versions of the game will get access to the whole game without having to be validated through servers. Forcing people to be online to validate a largely single player game would backfire hugely, and while it is possible to find a solution to please all, no company can be bothered to try when there are more viable consoles existing. Its a sad, but true prospect.

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I don't mind games not being soley PC at all (not that is isnt fun to be able to wave it in console gamers faces though) but as long as I get to play the game, I am alright... though I prefer when the PC release comes at the same time as the console releases (or even before, as in this case). I just can't see a game of this type, (what I call a CRPG... ffunny how that works) playing very well on a console. (Assuming it really is like BG... imagine playing that without a mouse).

On another note, I think the heavy DRM approach is not the right way to go (fancy that). I have pirated some games, but, since I have a job at least, any game I have pirated, but subsequently enjoyed and played though I have then bought legitimately. DRM can backfire though -- I considered pirating GTAIV instead od buying it (which was my intention all along) because I heard about all the DRM on it. I bought it anyway, so maybe im just a sucker, but thats not the point.

In other news, I really hope Bioware actually manages to get this released this spring.

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I would like to think so, the developer walkthroughs have really got my attention focused on it.

My only concern is how well it will run, It looks like a beast. Hopefully it wont go the same way as the initial release of the Witcher.

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Its definitely another good looking PC RPG in the sense like Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 were. Yes it is coming to consoles later on in the year or by 2010(just says quarter 3 or 4 or 09 atm, quarter 1 for PC) but I just mean the design of it and how its played. Its meant for those who are used to this type of game, which is definitely more towards the PC audience. I know plenty of people that only play consoles that would think this game has some features that are pointless, or that they wouldn't ever use. Like the tactical isometric old school view so you can put your guys where you want, assess the entire area , queue up what you need to, then get back into the action

They would just stay in a close third person view and hack at everything probably. Not saying everyone would, nor am I knocking console only gamers, just saying if you grew up only playing console this is the truth most of the time. The main people that would, are familiar enough with the design of how other computer rpgs were a while ago at least, which definitely isn't the mass console audience, most are used to RPG's being totally nothing like this anymore.

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