Anything better than the blood dragon armor?

#1 Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

So i entered my code and after 1 and a half playthroughs, ive yet to find anything better than the blood dragon armor. 
Just wondering if there is anything better that you can find or get from a quest.

#2 Posted by Lies (3985 posts) -

Yeah there's a set in the Dalish Forest, Juggernaut Armor I think it's called, and the Armor of the Legion from Orzrammar is better as well I think.

#3 Posted by SolemnOaf (548 posts) -

I prefer the superior dragonscale armor.  Since I hardly ever party with Warriors, the heavy fatigue of the Blood Armor isn't really worth it.  I like to put it on Ogren, because it looks slightly less stupid, if only because there's less of it to see.
#4 Posted by Teran (876 posts) -

I like both "Armor of the Legion" and the "Juggernaut" armor sets better.

#5 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

The sets sold by the blacksmith after the Wardens Keep DLC is pretty good too, personally replaced the Blood Dragon as soon as possible, just didn't look right compared to everything else.

#6 Posted by Dark_Jon (596 posts) -

I found the blood dragon plate to be better than everything but the other pieces were soon replaced by the superior dragonplate, and some other helmet i found which is really good.

#7 Posted by NoXious (1365 posts) -

Wardens Keep gives access to one of the best sets, both in stats and look, called Warden Commander's.

I still replaced it with Superior Dragonplate because it offers way more armor (it's a higher tier of Massive Armor).

#8 Posted by Venatio (4647 posts) -

Right now Im wearing Wades Dragonbone armor and thats awesome

#9 Posted by Teran (876 posts) -
@NoXious: I believe you can raise the tier of armor you own by selling them to the blacksmith outside of warden's keep, do some traveling and then return.  Of course you must buy the armor back.   
@Vorbis I'm with you on that, I think the red dragon stuff looks awful.  I ultimately actually wore the armor of the legion because of looks... though the set bonus was nice too.
#10 Posted by Vigilance (301 posts) -
@Teran: Does the set bonus vary by set? Or is it always a Defense bonus? Not that that isn't nice. 
I'm wearing the Juggernaut armor from the Dalish woods myself, because of the resistances. I find that magic users inflict more damage on my warrior than anyone else, so I am really focused on my resistances. 
#11 Posted by CriPPleR (67 posts) -

Take a Dragon Scale to Wade in Denirum and get some Sick Dragon Bone Armor. I like it better than the Mass Effect Dragon Armor.

#12 Posted by Teran (876 posts) -
@Vigilance: There are different set bonuses.  If you right click on an item you can choose to examine it and there is usually a vague comment on what the set bonus might be. 
Armor of the Legion is more of an offensive increase I believe. 
If  you're having trouble with casters I'd recommend choosing templar as a subclass and snagging some of the "knight commander" armor.  The breastplate has 40% spell resistance built into it (but only templars can wear).  Combine that with the spellward necklace and you've got 70%.  A few other items and you can be sitting at 90%.  I carried this set around in my first play through and put it on any time I went up against multiple mages.  If you can't get the knight commander armor, templar armor is the next best at 20% spell resistance built into the breastplate.
#13 Posted by zero2000 (73 posts) -

Yah. Right now I just randomly placed the Dragon Blood Set  on a character that I don't even use (Sten). My main uses Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate, Alistair uses the Juggernaut set, and I have a spare set of armor no one is using at the moment, Armor of the Legion, which is arguably better.

#14 Posted by Chrion (29 posts) -

Juggernaut on alistair + 3 mages spamming AOE damage, your tank will hardly get touched by the magic damage :)

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