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this is my first playthrough of this game and i was wondering if there is anywhere to store items? I have tons of gifts/crafting/misc items id rather not get rid of.

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Doh. Just realized this was DA:O, not DAII.  Sorry for the misinformation.

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In Origins, there really is no storage place. If you have the Warden's Keep DLC is does provide you with a place to store things. Other than that, the only storage option is to find a mod that adds a storage to your camp. I believe there are a few that do that. They made it much easier in DA2.

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Yep. The house has a chest for storage.

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alright thanks, looks like ill be doing that dlc next

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It's a very good DLC. The storyline is interesting and the loot is worth the effort. You get some of the best armor in the game, some good weapons, and the ability to create the best sword in the game.

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If you're playing on PC, you can also just save yourself the hassle and overhead of maintaining a storage container and edit your save file to increase your inventory capacity to whatever amount you want.
You are the chest!

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@dialuppro said:
" alright thanks, looks like ill be doing that dlc next "
I'd suggest waiting until around level 15. There's a unique item that has a scaling drop rate, and the drop rate is god awful at lower level. It's not even 100% at level 15, but it's likely enough by then that you could get it without reloading more than a couple of times. 
Also, if you've done any of the other DLC already (especially Return to Ostagar) the chest is really useful because it'll reroll the scalable equipment to be of a material similar to your level, meaning that even if your armour is made of just Steel, it can turn into Dragonbone just by placing it in the chest and allowing the chest to reroll. This works for both some of the DLC gear and for generic loot, so if you're carrying around a bunch of iron Dwarven Heavy Armor, you can level it up to be worth a ton of money. Useful for loot runs, as well. 
Although be careful, because anything above Dragonbone (you'll figure out what I'm referring to once you complete the DLC and a couple of extra things) will level down to Dragonbone, so you can actually nerf that best sword in the game mentioned before. 
Also, you may want to consider uninstalling the Warden's Keep DLC during the time you're playing Awakening, assuming you have it (as in you uninstall Warden's Keep, beat Awakening, and then reinstall). After you beat Awakening, go over to the Dragon Age wikia and look through the Bugs section for the superpowerful Massive Armour set you get in Awakening, and you'll know what I mean. 
Damn, I wish I had Origins on my computer right now, or even just the disc for my PS3. I kind of feel like playing.
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@example1013: ah shit, ive actually already beat the game and just have awakening left to do so i guess i missed out on some really good stuff since i did wardens keep so early.
i just looked through the da wiki for what you are referring to with the armor but not sure i found what you are talking about, could you elaborate?
also can anyone tell me the point of witch hunt? so i found morrigan again and went through the mirror with her but had no advancements in the story just, "change is coming!". I thought this dlc was supposed to be "important" in some way. also is there a big difference in the dialogue/outcome if you killed flemeth in your save file?
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@dialuppro: I'm going to throw everything in a spoiler alert. 
On the Warden's Keep item: 
On the Awakening thing, I'll tell you that you won't find it until you know what armour I'm talking about, so perhaps it's better to play through, but if you really need to know what I mean, it's not that big a spoiler (since it's only about loot). Still, you may end up getting some story points spoiled, so go to the links I post after this at your own risk. 
Also, just know that if you uninstall Warden's Keep to avoid the bugs, you'll lose your Power of Blood abilities when you import to Awakening. Not a huge deal if you're a Warrior or Rogue, but the Mage one is kind of nice. 
EDIT: Oh, also I just read that the armour bug in Awakening only applies if you're human. So elves and dwarves are safe.
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@example1013: that is some sick armor but my character isnt a warrior so i cant really use it and i dont think i will go back through origins again :(
 i feel like if you arent playing a warrior you got shafted on any cool loot..... unless i missed some crazy rogue armor somewhere(which is very possible).
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@dialuppro: There is some crazy awesome rogue armour, but you still get shafted.  

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