Could a 8500 GT run this game?

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My friend picked up the game on the 360 but didn't like the way it played all that much. I told him the PC version is much better, although he upgraded his PC recently I'm unsure whether or not he could run it.

Intel Core i5 3.30 GHz Quad Core
4GB of DDR 3 Ram
Asus GeForce 8500 GT

he's upgrading again (like many of us, I bet) when BF3 comes out, but could his current PC run this game?

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I'll be damned if he couldn't.

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I would upgrade to a newer card that isn't shit.

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It'd play it yeah.

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yes, unless he has a wicked huge monitor that is like 2560x1440 then he might need a little more GPU power.

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@Marz: I think he has a 1440x900 screen or something I know it's 16:10.
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Lol, that card might be getting like 20-25 frames or maxed out at 1080p. He should definetly make an upgrade eventually, or wait until the new set of nvidia cards are out. That card is really weak, it's about the same power as the ps3 gpu.

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It'll run on my Radeon x1600xt and even that has a decent framerate at reasonable settings.

In other words it'll run for sure unless you like to have large resolutions and everything turned to the highest settings.

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@HitmanAgent47: Yeah I told him that, but he isn't buying a new card til BF3.

I just ordered a XFX 6970 HD, which should be good for me for a good while.
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At that resolution he should be fine, especially if he doesn't try to max all of the settings. 

#11 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8576 posts) -

Maybe just don't use any AA or something, might be playable enough.

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You'd need to turn off some of the graphical bells and whistles but there should be a problem running the game at all. 

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