Deals on Dragon Age Origins

#1 Posted by TheHBK (5663 posts) -

Here is a heads up guys, didn't see anyone post this.  But this week, Frys has Dragon Age on sale, for the consoles only for $48, thats cheaper than the PC version.
Now its not at this price online, its only in store.  I saw it in the newspaper ads put out on Sunday, so I dont have a scan.  However, if you search Frys, dragon age, you can see that other forums and deal sites do have that deal listed.  So yeah, for those of you who have no preordered and were gonna just walk in to buy, here is a deal for you.  Of course you need to live close enough to a Frys to take advantage of it.
Anyone else find any good deals on this game?

#2 Posted by Nate (798 posts) -

Well, Amazon has it for 56.99 here in the U.S. -- a whopping three dollars off retail, but also no sales tax and free shipping. Here in Michigan that would save me about $6.50 and a trip to the store, but if you are just ordering now you'll have to wait a couple days of course.
#3 Posted by Sargus (764 posts) -

Man, Fry's always has such great deals, but I'm nowhere near one at the moment... If only I were back in Dallas...

#4 Posted by Driadon (3085 posts) -

Damn, this thread should have been made a couple weeks ago: Direct2Drive had the PC version for 44.99.

#5 Posted by Alphawolfy (331 posts) -

I got the PC version for only $40 (shipping to Taiwan is free) from, but the shipping might be a bit expensive for people that aren't in Asia.

#6 Posted by raddevon (514 posts) -

I got it for PC on Impulse using a coupon code (that I believe is now expired) for $40.

#7 Posted by TheHBK (5663 posts) -

Another deal that I just saw but you have to wait for this one.  K-mart will have the game for $40 bucks on consoles as well but this is for Black Friday.  So if you plan on getting into this during you winter break and can wait, then I would go for this.  This is probably what I am gonna do, if I can find it elsewhere though at this price.

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