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OK I don't know what the hell I'm doing but I can't figure out how to return to the rest of the world from Denerim.  City Map doesn't appear to lead anywhere else besides the rest of Denerim.  Anyone have any tips?  Thanks.  I feel stupid.

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You press a button to revert from the Denerim Map to the World map. It's triangle, I think, on the PS3 so it'd be Y I suppose for the 360, just incase.

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There is an option called go to world map right there... You must not be seeing it, but it's there.

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Go to the map and it's right there, just press Y on 360, or Triangle on PS3. Theres a button to go to Ferelden. Press it twice I believe, because it also goes to the city map.

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Or go back to the market district, and leave through the main gate.

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Haha, I tried that five minutes after I posted this topic just for the hell of it and it worked.  Thanks guys.

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You press start, up, A, A, A.

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Is that where the Levi's factory is?

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