Does any miss the old D&D system

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While I absolutely love DA:O I found it alot easier than older RPG's like NWN does anybody else miss the 3rd and 2nd edition D&D ruleset (2nd being Baldurs gate, Icewind Dale)

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I think 4e rules make the game a lot more enjoyable for folks who actually play D&D. This is just a logical extension of that.

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Not at all. I'm not a D&D player outside of videogames though. But I stand by Bioware's decision to focus on making what feels best for a videogame instead of adhering to a predefined ruleset made for a different medium.
That said, Temple of Elemental Evil had the best turn based combat in probably any WRPG.

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I kinda do, but mainly through how Never winter nights 2 used it, working towards becoming the arcane archer was always my goal, and it added some longevity and a target to the levelling system, instead of just throwing levels to max things out, you had to think about the spells and moves you'd need to take to attain those arcane classes.
I also miss firing a fire ball into a room and quickly closing the door.
That's mainly because of how that looked on the infinity engine though, man I loved those graphics.
"See battle boo.....

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@Mmmslash said:
" I think 4e rules make the game a lot more enjoyable for folks who actually play D&D. This is just a logical extension of that. "
I must say it is a little more enjoyable for me and the people that I try to get into it.
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@Spoonybard37:  Yeah, 4e is the easiest door into D&D, and the scene has really benefited from it. A lot of the oldschool guys get pissy about it, but those same guys got pissy converting to 3e, too.
I'm glad to see you're enjoying it, though.
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I miss the sheer amount of awesome stuff that Neverwinter Nights 2 had once you installed all the expansions. There was almost too much to go through once you put together all the skills, spells, feats, classes, and race possibilities. 
At the same time, I find Dragon Age's more limited options somewhat refreshing. If Bioware was to make another D&D game, though, I'd be very disappointed if they didn't build off what Obsidian did with NWN2.

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@Mmmslash said:

" @Spoonybard37:  Yeah, 4e is the easiest door into D&D, and the scene has really benefited from it. A lot of the oldschool guys get pissy about it, but those same guys got pissy converting to 3e, too.  I'm glad to see you're enjoying it, though. "

Y'know, I DO get really pissy about 4e (although never had any problem going from 2nd edition to 3.5) but whilst I would never touch that ruleset with a ten foot pole I have to agree that it does seem to have done what it set out to do and attract new players to the game.
But back on the topic at hand, I do miss the old ruleset in videyagames (Baldurs Gate 1/2 are my favourite games) I did like the way DA:O streamlined its own rules. Easier,: yes, less fun to play: no, in fact I think that If they DID use something akin to the old rulesets, it might have actually hampered the game, although I did wish I could have had maybe 6 charecters on the field at the same time instead of 4, but after a while It didnt matter.  Its no Baldurs Gate, but I love DA:O just as much.
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I would really like some new/updated D&D games. 
I'm still going through NWN2 (remaking my character twice a day, farthest I've gotten is chapter 2) 
I haven't played 4e but from what I've been reading I don't think I would like it.

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I do.
Very much so.
2.5-3.5 are still my favorite. So many good iconic games came out with them that it is hard to separate them from the system in my mind.
Plus I loved abusing the shit out of those systems :P
DA:O system is way too limited with little space to maneuver\individualize\powergame

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Also, this kind of fun scene brings to the group is what I remember as classic D&D rage. 
Haven't seen any of this while playing D&D games in quite some time. 

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Eh, 3rd edition was a flawed game. 3.5 fixed it some, but some problems remain. 3rd edition was never meant to go above level 20. Wizards, and to an extent Sorcerers, are nigh-omnipotent before going epic, afterwards they become a tornado of fireballs, necrotic death and domination effects.
But that's beside the point, Arcane spellcasters in video games are usually pretty tame compared to their tabletop counterparts, usually because they have more spells to play with(utility spells in particular), more time to think between rounds(unless you're obsessively pausing the game), and seemingly random death traps from the DM tend to result in a more careful selection of spells.
It's not just spellcasters though, a level 18 fighter with the right equipmen(if the dm/game gives it to you, you usually have more luck with the game) and the right feat selection can pretty much solo anything, including Red Dragons and other big monsters. However, a fighter would probably multiclass into something a little more interesting(some exploitable prestige classes).
I think the flaw of 3rd edition is that it's a system that caters to the individual, rather than the group, a flaw that's transmitted to the games based on the system. Teamwork can be a rarity because the system wasn't really set up for it, at least not well. The only game mechanic that has to do with teamwork i can think of in 3rd edition is flanking, and that is poorly implemented in the games, but  that usually has to do with your enemies and allies constantly moving around.
However, the opposite is true at lower levels. Few Hit Points and sub-par equipment contribute to an early grave for many 3rd edition heroes. Spellcasters have to conserve their spells, amd dp very little casting. 3rd edition doesn't really hit the sweet spot until around level 7. Their skills become reliable, their attacks with hit more consistently and it doesn't matter as much if the lizardman hit you with his axe, because it won't kill you. This has always been a problem in games too. Every RPG based on 3rd edition D&D I've played has either a tutorial where you'll never die unless you are deliberately trying to get killed, or  gives you a bonus to your hit points very early on, sometimes both.

But part of me still miss 3rd edition in game, if only because I could make extremely powerful characters, which can be fun. However, what I really want is a game based on 4th edition, which  I like a lot more. Okay, the character classes are slightly flavorless, but a good player can make up for that.

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Not for me, I will always play AD&D, it's what I enjoy. But on the subject of video games I don't really mind because of how different a type of game it is.

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