Dragon Age and the hard task of NOT playing a Mage

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Earlier I finally got Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition for PC which i´ve been looking for since I got my new rig, and I played about an hour or so. I already finished the game (and the expansion) on the 360, but it already feels like such a different game from the get go that im really excited (that and the fact that i fucking love the game, even the gimped console one.)


But here lies the problem, i honestly find it hard to want to play anything but a mage in this game, which I already did on the 360 (which then carried over to Awakening), and even tho I wanted a change, just the first hour or so I played with a warrior I already miss having a mage.


First of all, as far as i can remember, as far as i can remember, you dont get a healing mage until quite a few hours into the game (and even then, doesnt Wynne fuck off until later in the game?). When i played my mage on the 360, coincidence or not i was a healer, so this didnt affect me, but i remember friends of mine bitching how hard it was without a healer.


Second, and probably the most important , the Dragon Age characters for me are a complete case of love them or dont give a fuck about them. I only really want to use Morrigan, Alistair and Shale, as i LOVE those characters and their banter and whatnot (and gameplay), and dont particulary care for all the others. I have no interest on using a  rogue, so leilani and zev are out (and i dont like them as characters either), Sven is a bore, Oghram is kinda cool and i ended up using him a lot in Awakening, and Wynne is another bore, but if i don´t play a mage, im going to HAVE to use her eventually i guess, which then makes me have to drop one of the other 3.


Third, im playing a warrior to change it up, but I want to play as dual weilding, which already feels like a bad idea, but i really dig those finishing mvoes warriors do (the one thing i missed having when playing  a mage).


So, what to do? Bite the bullet, just make a mage and play it like i did on the 360, or stick it out with my warrior and change up the party a bit. If its the second, I would love for you warriors (and rogues I guess) out there to tell me a few things.


1 - How hard is the game with no healer in the first few hours?

2 - Is DW warrior viable at all? it sure looks cool... :/ Also, if I do stay DW, i should stack Dex instead of Str correct? (there goes the Blood Armor)

3 - Can Shale tank? If i have to drop Shale or Alistair ill drop the pretty boy, use my warrior and morrigan for dps, and wynne as a healer eventually.

4 - Can you spec morrigan as a healer? I know you could respec your main character but can you respec the rest of the party members? (i guess on PC there would be mods even if you couldnt). But then will she even have the specilizations?


That´s about it, quite torn on what to do since im still early on and its quite easy to just restart as a MAge for now, or try to have a different experience than my first playthrough (while still using the same charactgers...i know, i know...). Hopefully those questions will help my decision, cheers peeps.


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Play as what you want, not as whats best or whatever. I played as a warrior, with Morrigan, Alastair and Oghren. Didn't have any problems. You can make Morrigan a healer later on as her second specialisation thing.

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I've recently played another playthrough on nightmare and the first part you take slowly, you equip a bow on your rogue or warrior and pull enemies slowly to you, you can even get them to come one at a time.  Then you swap to your normal weapons(there's a hotkey to swap weapons for a reason)
Once you get Morrigan you can totally use her as a healer.   You only need the heal spell which is a first tier talent(hell i think she even comes into the party knowing it already).   She also doesn't need to be speced as a spirit healer as i had no problem keeping my party alive with heal and regen.  This is what i did for my last playthrough and on Nightmare as a warrior.

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With all the mods out there for Origins, pretty much any class combo is possible and Morrigan can be respec'd to be your healer.

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I just don't want Wynn in the party at all.

So boring.

I like the chatter of Alistair, Morrigan and Leliana. Morrigan and Alistair act like a sister and her little brother with their constant bickering. And Leliana just makes both of em feel a bit awkward with her openness.

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1. It was pretty easy for me.

2. Not sure what is DW.

3. Yes.

4. I think you can but im not sure.

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Any mage can be made into a healer, Morrigan too.
Wyne can stay with you forever if you want her to.
1 - mangable, just use more potions
2 - you only need enough dex for talents, then keep stacking str with a few into con/wis now and again
3 - yes, Shale is the best tank early on, Alistair catches up to him midgame, lategame Alistair is a better tank (with good gear)
4 - yes, you don;t need to respec her even, you can just add healing talents as she levels up. Party members can learn any specialisations you know, so just give her spirit healer at lvl 14 (after making unlocking it with Wyne), spirit healing is nice but you can heal without it

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You could try an Mage specced for Arcane Warrior.

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having played as a DW warrior you need to stack dex for talents. i had shale or alistair as my tank. you can still waear blood armor(i did)
you can spec moragan for healing if you don't want wynne. also buy potions over gear if you need to

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These are the compromises I don't like making, which is why I play on Normal or Easy.

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@DougQuaid said:
" With all the mods out there for Origins, pretty much any class combo is possible and Morrigan can be respec'd to be your healer. "
Indeed, I used the respec mod to make Morrigan a healing machine and Sten a sword and shield tank. You can really open up some nice party combinations when you respec everyone.

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