Duncan won't follow me - Magi

#1 Posted by FireSketch (827 posts) -

Hello all,
I've just started my first game of DA:O as a Mage.
I've just spoken to Irwin and been asked to escort Duncan to the guest rooms.
Problem is - he won't follow me and if I go to the room without him the quest won't complete.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Any fixes, or do I need to reload?

#2 Posted by FireSketch (827 posts) -

I just reloading an old save. Sucks because now I've got to refill my codex.
Goddamn completionism.

#3 Posted by flora (6 posts) -

The first time  I alco played as a mage. I dont remember but i think that you should just click on Duncan profile icon and go with him. 

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