Gonna play DA:O again, what are the must have mods?

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I'm going to play Dragon Age again before jumping into DA2. I haven't boughten DA2 yet so I'm hoping I'll get int he mood by playing DA:O again since I got it here now. The first time through I think I used a high res texture pack a while into my playthrough, but I want to expand and try out some more mods since I know more have been made since I played it last. I know of dragonagenexus as thats where I went last time. But can anyone recommend me some to try to narrow it down a bit.

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Totally a personal preference, but there's a mod that puts the subtitles at the bottom of the screen instead of the top.  It makes it much easier for me to read it and see what's on screen at the same time.  
There's also another mod I like that allows you to Bash chests.  Basically if you don't have a rouge(or whatever the class is called) you can still open chests.  The mod allows you to set whether or not it works 100% of the time or whether or not it randomly breaks whats inside of the chest as well. 

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Some chests that have quest items still requires a rogue though I think. At least that's what mine did. Not sure if I could turn that off though. But yeah, the bash crate one is definitely one of the best mods. Also a good one would be the summon dog mod (the dog is now considered a pet and not in a companion slot), disable helmet from being visible on your character. I also downloaded the mods that changed the way some of the characters looked.

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There's a high res texture mod for the original. I recommend that.

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@zoner said:
" There's a high res texture mod for the original. I recommend that. "
Yeah definitely this. 
Also i recommend Dragon Age Redesigned mod. It'll change npc faces for the better, you can choose from 3 options which are enhanced lore, aesthetics or recommended. If you'd like more variety with your character creation i'd recommend Vibrant Colors and More Hairstyles. There are alot of really cool weapon and armor mods, but it really comes down to your own personal preference. Check out Dragon Age Nexus like TheDudeOfGaming suggested.
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The NoHat mod is pretty great. No longer will you have to look at shitty hats and hoods in cut scenes.

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Skip the Fade!!!

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@DougQuaid said:
" The NoHat mod is pretty great. No longer will you have to look at shitty hats and hoods in cut scenes. "
Didn't it already do that by itself?
I remember my Dwarf in full Blood Dragon armor yet unmasked in every cutscene on the xbox360?
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@Speedhuntr said:
" Skip the Fade!!! "
shame there isn't a skip the deeproads as well, ergh.
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Yea I was just about to recommend the Skip the Fade mod, couldn't stand that part of the game.  There's also a good one which places Raven's around the environment which let you respec your character, great for when you get new characters who have skills you don't like. 
Something I would have loved when I played Dragon Age but never thought to look for it would be a no friendly fire mod.  I had all of these amazing spells for the mage which I never used because I was afraid of it weakening my party members too.  I'd rather enjoy the combat and story than stick to pointless D&D rules.

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Better Sex Cutscenes. Make sure you install the hardcore ones.

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I've been playing with teh Quests and Legends mod and its been rather good so far.  Its still not a fully polished thing and there are soem optimization issues but it works well.

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If your a magic character, there's an open lock spell for ya. 
And then the other mod I recommend would be the one where you have your dog with you at all times and doesn't take up a party slot.

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I'd suggest these to begin with but it really depends on how much you want to alter your game.  I tend to stick with just cosmetic differences except in a few places. 

  1. Natural Bodies All in One (gets rid of underwear and improves the skin textures of all characters)
  2. DAO - Mod manager (you need this for stuff to work easily)
  3. CharGenMorph Complier (you need this too for stuff to work correctly)
  4. Better Sex Cutscenes (does what it says but mind you its still not all that graphic)
  5. Pineapple's Vibrant Colors
  6. CC Extra Tint & Tones
  7. Chargen Package
  8. No Helmet Hack or No Armor Hack (hides various armor from showing on character)
  9. Camp Storage 
  10. White Teeth
  11. Polygamy and Equal Love
  12. Detailed Tool Tips
  13. >> Look around for face morphs especially those related to the "Sacred Ashes" video
Also there are a bunch of armor and clothing mods but you'll have to page through The Nexus to see what your comfortable with.  
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@TaliciaDragonsong: No idea, it might if it's a helm that covers your entire head including all of your face. The mod removes helms whenever you're not in combat.
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thanks for the recs. I alreay have the high res pack and the chest open one. But the rest are new to me. Skip the fade is interesting so that I can make a mage and not have to do that again. I think I have another one installed too, something with the inventory. Maybe it organizes it better since it looks different when I booted up DA:O again last night. I'll try some of these.

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can anyone give a link to the jbtexture pack. Its not available on dragonagenexes anymore. I found a few links but the DL are slooooooow. From fileplanet and such.

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