I need some advice, please

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I bought DA:O at launch for the x360 (my PC isn't that good) and I played the game for something around 12-13 hours before getting bored, and frustrated, with my class (I believe I was a Human Noble Warrior).  I have been wanting to get back into this game for a while, and have been thinking about playing as a Mage.  What is the "best" class, especially for the 360?

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Yup mage is awesome, so many different powers, so much fun. I went as an elven mage, it was great.

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i actually haven't even played it yet, but if i was to pick one class i would pick mage, but in most games like that i pick the mage classes haha so i guess its really up to u to pick what u like to do in most games, like one of my friends likes archers so he would pick the elven classes and i like magic and all like it so i pick mage classes, so its mostly what ur in to.

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I don't think there is a "best class" for the 360 but try the Warrior class as it might be an easy class.

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@ISuperGamerI:  he is saying the first time he played the game he was the Warrior class, but i agree there is not a best class just what ur in to class wise.
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I know that there is no best class, hence the quotations around the word best.  Anyway, I think I am definately going to play as mage, because I just loaded up my save from a while a go and found that I kept using the abilities more than actually used my weapons. XD

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I'm on my 2nd playthrough and I'm a mage, again, if that says anything.

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mage is op  
play mage for an easier game and funnier game

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I tried playing as a Mage and didn't really enjoy it that much. The actual nuts of bolts of fighting as a Mage aren't really that interesting. All you really do is spam spells, obviously, and in the end you will probably end up controlling one of your party members more than your MC.

I had the most fun with Rogue. The constant stunning and angling for a backstab was pretty awesome.

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I loved playing as a Warrior, especially on 360 since you can play it more like an action game.

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there isnt a "best" class.  each class fits diffrent play styles, and it doesnt really even matter because if you dont like playing as your main character then you can switch to another character. SCDFASF im gay

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Mages have the most bearing on how your party will fair in a given combat scenario, which is what makes them so much fun to play as. I, like you, also started as a human warrior but played as Morgan in almost all combat situations and tanked out my character instead.

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