is it worth the switch to pc version

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i bought dragon age yesterday on ps3 cuz i had it preordered and ever since i started playing it all ie been hearing is how the pc version is far superior. i am currently about 11 hours into the game and id like to know are the differences so much better and distinct that i should trade my ps3 version back into gamestop for the 40 dollar deal and get the pc version or is it not worth it. thx in advance :]
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a RPG like that would feel much better on a PC anyway. so i'd say do it  
your call, though. i'd keep it if you're really enjoying the PS3 version right now

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i dont think at max but at medium high im pretty sure 
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I'm actually gonna get it for PC cuz I like the UI better. So I'd say yeah totally get it for PC. Bioware makes good PC games imo. :)

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i heard that the PC version has another camera mode that the ps3 and 360 doesn't have. cant remember what though. im downloading the PC version off steam right now

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I'd say depends on whether or not your computer can run it and at what settings. Also whether you would accept the settings that it is at.
I am playing it on the 360.. I would love to play it on the PC but my PC couldn't run it much above the minimum requirements and I would hate to have all the graphics turned way down like that. 
I just started so being 11 hours in.. I would say its not worth the switch unless you REALLY want the UI.

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DEF get it for PC dude, the game looks and plays like shit on consoles. If you can MAX this bitch, then the mouse and keyboard will get you the pussy.

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I was surprised to find that my fairly modest PC runs this at 1080p at a very high framerate. I turned off anti-aliasing (I don't find that it helps much at high resolutions.) which I'm sure helped. I have everything set at high, and I'm very pleased. I have a Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz (not a Core 2) with 2GB RAM and a recently purchased HD4850 video card. I probably have $350-$400 in the whole build right now.

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It is definitely worth it to switch to the PC version if you can run it fairly well.

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pc version runs like a dream though i have a hypersetting crysis rig but as the review on this very sight says get pc over the consoles
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thanks alot for all the replys guys i really appreciate i think im gonna see if i can get it for cheap anywhere and if not then ill shell out the 40$ for the pc version, thx again :]

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The menu system is really well done, not much point of switching, graphics, gameplay are all very good on the PS3. Better doesn't really mean worth getting.

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