Is this story-related or random

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So, wandering through the Brecilian Forest, I come upon one of those gravestone thingies that summons a Revenant. Long story short, the revenant killed everyone in my party except for shale, and they both had decently low health, but shale had shitty dexterity so he kept missing. he's about to die when out of nowhere, wynne just randomly resurrects herself, heals shale and proceeds to kill that motherfucker. Im just a tad confused as to how she just got up. she might have used vessel of the spirit, as she did use an ability when she resurrected, but this well before she even unlocked that spell. has this happened to anyone else, or is it some kind of awe-inspiring bug?

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My guess is a bug. There are plenty in the game (I'm not saying the QA was lax, I'm just saying that with a game this huge, they were bound to let some stuff slip through). Be glad it worked out for you.

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That actually happened to me once as well. Also, I was able to use the ability before the cutscene in which it is unlocked.
Really, this does make perfect sense as she "unlocks" the ability before you even meet her in the tower. The spirit does have the power to resurrect her, so it is likely that could be it.
Or yeah, it could just be a bug.

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The gaming gods smile upon you this day.

#5 Posted by EvilTwin (3324 posts) -

It's happened to me multiple times.  I just figured it was related to her story related power.

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I've had it happen to me after I've killed wynne in one playthrough - Morrigan didn't even have spirit healer and I just got up again with very little health, but alive again mid-battle.  Most weird (this was on a rogue btw)

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I believe Wynne is actually the equivalent of jesus in DA:O (said jokingly, but at the same time this is totally true).
That happens to me, it seems that Wynne uses the "Resurrection insurance" spell before death when health is low, though I rarely examine her tactics.

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