Just bought Ultimate Edition, how do I tackle all this content?

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So there was a bit of money burning in my pocket and I had to get rid of it. I saw they were selling Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition on Amazon on PS3 for $35, I was practically losing money not buying it. So since this edition comes with everything Origins I was wondering how I should tackle it when it arrives. From what I've read some of the DLC packs happen before Origins, some after etc. Also would you recommend reading the books before playing the game? I'm probably going to read them at some point just wondering if it will add anything if I read them before.

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Some of the dlc is integrated into the main game, so just play it like you would if you only just bought Origins for now. Then the usual route to take would be to import your completed character into Awakening, maybe Golems (though it's effin' terrible) and Witch Hunt. 
To start off you could do the Leliana's Song DLC since it's a prequel, focusing one of your party members and can unlock some neat gear too. Darkspawn Chronicles is pretty shite, though it's there if you ever wanna play an all-combat affair as Shrieks and Ogres. That's probably best till after you complete the game since it transpires during the final battle. 
As for the books, they're not necessary, though I'm actually going through The Stolen Throne now and it's pretty decent read; maybe not one I'd appreciate as much if I hadn't already played the games before hand and had already taken in the lore. This isn't like the Witcher; these books are purely fan-service and are at their best when you can actually pick apart all of the lingo ect.

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Like a boss.

Just play it from start to finish you can do the other (I think two) special DLC after you finish it.

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Do vanilla origins first. A few of the dlc are intigrated in. Then do awakings. Witch hunt after the main game. Song and chronicles can be done whenever

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@msavo: I'm going to go against the grain here and recommend you do most of the DLC as early as possible. As the others have said, some of them take place in specific points of the story timeline but most of it doesn't.

The order I typically do them is Stone Prisoner, Warden's Keep, and Return to Ostagar then do the rest as I encounter them in the game.

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