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I just started playing the game, after finishing Mass Effect and seeing the sale I'd figure I'd buy it. I'm actually surprised the game runs fairly well.
I'm starting out as a Human Rogue
I can tell from the hour I've played so far that the game is going to be very involved. Glad to have picked this game up, and if anyone has recommendations or tips I'd be glad to take them.

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I played through as a Noble Human Rogue duelist. 
Tips would be to keep an eye out for potential party members during quests. I managed to miss 2 of them and couldn't get them again later. 
Also, think about getting the Wardens Keep DLC as it allows for the Starfang sword to me used / made. Which is probably the best sword in the game.

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Sweet I'll keep an eye out for it thanks.

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Don't play as an archer is all I have to say about that. I played one because that's what I usually always play in rpgs and I couldn't bring myself to finish the game. I guess I'll start again some time but who knows. Just don't play as an archer.

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I've been thinking about doing the rogue duelist

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Heres a tip: play the mage. Every other class is gimp especially on Insane. The mages can tank, cc,  damage, and heal. ( I played as a human rogue)

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i bought dragon age about a month ago, just can't get into it.....yet. Red Dead Redemption and MW2 are taking up way too much time :P

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Don't spread your skills too thin, too early. I started out as a Human Rogue as well, and had an idea that I would go with a dual weapon and shortbow rogue with sneaking and poison making skills. I don't remember where it was, but at some point I found I just couldn't get past a couple of fights. I had a lot more fun picking two combat and one none combat skill, then leveling those up to where I was competent with them, then experimenting with some other skills.   
sodium's right, also keep an eye open for potential party members. FWIW, I liked the Warden's Keep DLC, but not the stone prisoner. 
Also, I'd suggest to keep an eye on the combat tactics of your party, and level those up; it'll save you oodles of headaches in latter fights to not continually see one of them just standing around like a dope while you're getting hammered on.

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When you start getting a nice party going, always bring a mage with 'Heal' (at the very least). 
Having a healer makes a huge difference, I've found in my game. I was always getting worked before I had a dedicated healer.

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Use CC a lot.
Having two mages is also a good idea, especially if they both have heal.

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and dont forget to get a monkey they help if your hungry by giving you bannanas

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Every mage should have heal, whether they're a dedicated healer or not. It's a first tier spell, there's no good reason not to take it.

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@Menseguez said:
" Don't play as an archer is all I have to say about that. I played one because that's what I usually always play in rpgs and I couldn't bring myself to finish the game. I guess I'll start again some time but who knows. Just don't play as an archer. "
Archers are extremely powerful if you orient your party towards it and its pretty easy to do. 
As for advise for the OP, once you get a mage on your team, you should try to get:
Mindblast -> Forcefield
Cone of Cold
Mana Clash or Glyph of Neutralization. Either of these can pretty much shutdown next to all the mages you'll encounter in this game.
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I'm not even really sure why I didn't enjoy playing as an archer, I guess it just didn't feel right to me. Could also be that I was just bad at the game...
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Make sure you do your research on the romance. You don't want to get your chosen party member's approval up, wonder why you haven't had sex and then realize that it's too late.
Also, the first town you come to after the darkspawn invasion gets destroyed after you leave it so make sure you get everything done there before you leave.

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Seems like alot to take in

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I just started too, and once you get a ways in (im about 6 hours in), you get access to multiple types anyway, and can adjust and experiment.  Good to have a nice mix, imo, so no prob being an archer...

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You can easily solo as a duel wielding rogue. Mages can't equip good armor (not initially) or embuable weapons and most embuable weapons are one handed. Im a fan but its got to be one of the poorest balanced games I've ever played, and Awakening is even more broken. Really there's no fail class, its super easy no matter the path.

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Heres a couple of tip:
-stick to using daggers,theyre faster then other weapons
-get momentum and lethality ASAP
-put most of your points into Cunning and Dex,but willpower isnt a bad choice either(more stamina)
-dont bother with sneak

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Im about 6 hours in and in some spots its pretty tough, enjoying it overall though

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In one spot that I was having a lot of trouble and after dying a bunch, I check my tactics and changed a lot of my parties tactic slots to nearest foe and after doing that I beat the spot without any of my members dying

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Go back to camp a lot and talk with your party members.  Give them gifts too (some gifts are for certain people).  This builds loyalty, which leads to romance (can be fun) but also leads to great improvements in your party's fighting.  They fight better when they care.  Also, get the Warden's Keep, The Stone Prisoner, and Ostagar DLC.  You get good stuff at the Keep, Shale's cool (especially during the trip to Orzammar), and if you find all of Cailan's armor, give it to Alistair.
I've played this game three times and have over 120 hours invested.  If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

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