Leliana's Song DLC trailer.

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  It looks to already be of decent quality, matching the likes of Wardens Keep with its cutscenes and such. Nice touch to have Leliana with different hair too.
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Interesting, I wonder how many hours we're looking at here.

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@Jimbo said:
" Interesting, I wonder how many hours we're looking at here. "
I'd judge around 90 minutes or so. What I am intrigued most towards is the dialogue. I wonder if you'll be able to decide what Leliana may say but with voice obviously like the ME series. Obviously you can't alter any of the outcome but just being able to chat with your party members or talking your way past guards and such.
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VO is still ass. Makes me wonder if this was part of the original game... or maybe BioWare just has awful standards with VO talent/standards. I don't like being so negative, but this problem has kinda been ruining my experience with the game :(.

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I'm going to buy this regardless, but I sincerely hope its better than the Darkspawn Chronicles.

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The trailer is a little underwhelming, in my opinon. It's a definate purchase for me though.
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That girl was about to kiss another girl. Sold.

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