New Dragon Age DLC announced!

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Its called "Leliana's Song" and will include Leliana (Of course) involved in a criminal ring that deals in political secrets. You will accompany Marjolaine, your mentor, on a high risk mission.  
Explore Leliana's dangerous past and why she joined the Chantry Fully voiced cinematic experience brings the characters to life Unlock a unique reward that transfers into your Awakening and Origins campaign    
It will cost 7$ or 560 microsoft points (I believe... Correct me if im wrong)  and will be on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 6th of july, pretty soon in other words.  
Whats your take on this? 
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Sounds like a good pack for the Dragon Age fans.  Personally I didn't like the game, so I'll be passing on anything DA-related in the future.

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So I assume  this will be taking place in Orlais? It would be cool if there were new locations with 100% more frenchy accents.  I'd prefer a Sten story line so you could learn more about the qunari.

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Not Morrigan related, not caring. *secretly buys it on launch anyways*

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I feel like playing as an already established character with an already established personality and making decisions for her would seem weird. It's like you would have to play to her character rather than make your own decisions.

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Sounds cool. Not really interested in throwing more money at Dragon Age, and not really caring about an extra item that will transfer into my long-abandoned Dragon Age savegames. At this point, I'd rather my backstory come in the form of a whole game or a machinima, comic, or other form of non-gameplay medium.
I'll probably look for a plot synopsis or video highlights.

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There better be a tasteful sex scene in it.

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So once again, DLC that ignores my party completely and gives me some uber weapon I won't need at the end. Idunno the logic here. They think hoards of DA fans have been stuck on the Broodmother for months and are waiting for DLC that can give them some special loot? What the hell am I using this "reward" on, my party killed every motherfucker in the game.

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Sounds alright, if a little pricey...but it wouldn't be DA DLC otherwise..

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Loved Dragon Age but  I found  Leliana to be the least interesting character...If they make some DLC w/ Morrigan then we're talking

#11 Posted by ThePencil (390 posts) -
@JustinSane311 said:
" Loved Dragon Age but  I found  Leliana to be the least interesting character...If they make some DLC w/ Morrigan then we're talking "
/Agree. Is it so hard to ask for some Morrigan boning DLC? My BeardWarden demands it!
#12 Posted by BigChief (503 posts) -

I thought Leliana was a pretty great character, so I'm interested in this one. Hope it's a bit more substantial than Darkspawn Chronicles. I bought that one recently, but it hasn't really been holding my interest that much.

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I was extremely disappointed we didn't get to hear about the 2.11 teaser that was included with Awakenings. With a date so soon I was sure it was something they'd have to talk about. Must just be another DA expansion I guess, if it was anything larger they would have talked about it at E3.

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Great, more problems. They should seriously test their addons before releasing it. So many problems with the current ones.

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Awakening was pretty cool, but I felt it wasn't worth forty bucks.  I also purchased and played Darkspawn Chronicles.  While it was interesting to play as the Darkspawn, the DLC/campaign was rather short.  I am definitely a Dragon Age fan; however, I am on the fence about whether or not I will purchase the Leliana's Song DLC.  In my opinion, they should just come out with a Dragon Age 2 instead of all these mini DLC campaigns.
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I'm going to buy this an play it out because I trust Bioware enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I quite enjoy Leliana's character. I'm not getting my hopes up though as this will likely be almost exactly like The Darkspawn Chronicles (which was terrible). 
I've quite enjoyed the DLC for Dragon Age though. Save The Darkspawn Chronicles, everything else (especially Awakening) was well worth my time and money.

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Lucky I'm no longer going on holiday huh? 
Now I get to play Dragon Age instead. 
Sarcasm aside, my holiday/vacation was cancelled for reasons that don't matter on this forum. I figure the least I can do in exchange for not having a holiday is buy something I would like to play. 
Hopefully it's cool DLC and not like that "Return to Ostagar" DLC.

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I never played the "Darkspawn Chronicles", and I was thinking about buying that DLC pack. But you sound like you hate it. 
How come you didn't like it?

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Hmm, might get me back into DA. I stalled in my campaign in the last half, and I've been meaning to start over. This might be a neat way to get a feel for it again and get some interesting items.

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 i like  leliana and want to know more about her past. but i want some actual post game content like what happens with  morrigan  if you took the ritual route (like i did)

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I'm a sucker for all of the DA DLC (except for the item packs) so I'll be getting this once I'm back from vacation.

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