playing as a mage? (possible spoilers)

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For those who played as a mage, who did you party consist of once you got wynne? Did you have three mages in your party. I ask this cuz im playing as a rogue and find morrigan and wynne super important to my party

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I didn't find the need to have more than one mage because Mages are pretty strong in that game.

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I played a mage (healer) and I had Morrigan (damage dealer), Alistair (tank) and Leliana in my party, most of the time. Wynne didn't make the cut ;-)

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I guess its just different playing as a rogue, but i throughly enjoy my party now, Oghren, Wynee, and Morrigan

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I played a mage and kept both Morrigan and Wynne in my party from the moment I got them until the end of the game.  If there was another mage in the game, I'd have gone quad-mage.  Since there isn't, I settled on using Zevran for raw backstabbing DPS (good for high-HP enemies).  My main character was an arcane warrior/blood mage, so he could tank while still casting.  All of my mages had a mix of healing, support, and damage spells, so I maintained maximum flexibility.  It was a strong party; most battles were total massacres.

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@Savage: Zevran died by my hand apparently you can go around killing him?
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Well, I didn't get Wynne since I wanted to score some points with Morrigan, but I did play as a mage. My party was basically: 
Morrigan - Cursemage (Waking Nightmare, Mass Paralysis etc.) 
Alistair - Tank
Myself - Healer (later an Arcane Warrior though) 
Leliana - Dagger rogue (DPSer) 
If you're going with a 3 mage party, it should basically be healer, curser, dpser. 

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@sagesebas said:
" @Savage: Zevran died by my hand apparently you can go around killing him? "
Yep.  Some characters may or may not live to join you, depending on the choices you make. 
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3 mages. BRAP BRAP!

#10 Posted by Raakill (870 posts) -

Myself - Mage/Blood Mage: all out damage 
Wynn- Healer 
Alistair - Tank 
Leliana - daggars and crowd control via Bard song

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@Coltonio7: Thats gotta be intense, Oghren steals the show for me though
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I was a mage too and I had Wynne, Alistair and Zevran. Wynne for her healer powers and teh other two just for their characters. Worked out ok.

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@sagesebas said:
" I guess its just different playing as a rogue, but i throughly enjoy my party now, Oghren, Wynee, and Morrigan "
I played a rogue and rolled with Morrigan, Dog and Alistair. After you get Morrigan high enough to learn spirit healer spells, she's all you'll need. 
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@Coltonio7 said:
" 3 mages. BRAP BRAP! "
Can't really go wrong with this combo.
#15 Posted by Tennmuerti (8104 posts) -

3 mages is kind of overkill imho

#16 Posted by sagesebas (2003 posts) -

Everyones party seems very different thats pretty cool

#17 Posted by AndrewB (7617 posts) -

I usually had a warrior, a rogue, a mage, and one floating party member based on circumstance. Usually it was another warrior. Sometimes I'd use two mages, especially for the tougher dragon fights.

#18 Posted by Teran (877 posts) -

This is my party:  (on insanity difficulty)
Protagonist - Mage, arcane warrior - spirit healer.   Played her as a typical healer mage until I got the second subclass and immediately converted her to tank... she was a beast with dual wielding daggers and most of the mage sustained passive abilities up.  Raised nothing but magic.
Sten - Warrior, berserker.  Sten sadly doesn't get a second subclass but he doesn't really need it.  Specced him dual wield and gave him twin daggers.  Stat wise, raised nothing but agi for momentum and the third passive dual wield skill, once I had those all remaining stat points went into str.
Oghren - Warrior,  berserker - champion.  Like sten, gave him dual daggers.  The champion subclass offers up a great stun and a chance to hit buff that greatly increases the mage's effectiveness as a damage dealer.  Stat wise, raised nothing but enough agi for momentum and the third level passive dual wield skill, and strength.    Stat wise, raised nothing but agi for momentum and the third passive dual wield skill, once I had those all remaining stat points went into str.
Leliana - bard, assassin.  Specced her into dual wielding and gave her daggers as well.  Bard provides an amazing +damage song and her stun song is one of the best crowd controls in the game though it immobilizes her.   Zev  could also be used here but you typically get him later in the game and he comes with way too many points in agi so a lot end up wasted.   Stat wise I did the same for her as I did with the warriors, enough agi for certain skills, everything else in str... I know this sounds odd but without a dedicated healer having everyone in heavy armor is practically required and to be honest the gains from agi and cunning are insignificant compared to heavy armor and raw str.
This party basically ran over the game like it was a speed bump.  Did things like (all on insanity) killing the brood mother before the first wave of spawned adds even got to melee range with my party, killed both dragons using nothing but a single cast of group heal and the smallest grade health potions, and cleared the redcliffe zombie apocalypse with 0 allied casualties.  Biggest weakness for this setup is enemy mages as you have no templars or enough mana to cast crowd control on more than one enemy.

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When I played Mage, I was both healer and did most of the damage. I used Morrigan, who generally have a lot of debuffs and is best when she's making bosses more vulnerable, less of a threat or putting enemies to sleep. I also rolled with a rogue and a warrior, who mostly ran towards enemies only to have them collapse into smoldering ashes when they got into melee. It's a very mana intensive strategy, since my character was constantly running out of mana from damage spells, but I made sure I was always stocked up on potions.

The first time I played through as a Warrior, and actually didn't recruit a single Rogue. My choices would pretty much alienate Morrigan, so I had Wynne and other warriors in my party. Since I was a two-handed damage type warrior, I had Alistair with his shield and actually used the dog a lot. To be honest, the strategy was pretty much run up to the enemy and smack him with my big axe and hope Wynne doesn't run out of mana before I need healing.

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