So I'm looking for a computer to run this game....

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And I figured some giantbomb peeps would be able to help me out. I'm off to college and have a little(not alot) of money to burn on a decent rig. While I would like to build one I am clueless as to how to do such a thing thus I have been looking at other options. 
My plan is to buy a decent desktop for my dorm then a netbook for class and what not. The desktop is the fun part so heres where I need help

  1.  Theres this gateway  and it has gotten decent reviews and its a lotta bang for the buck
2. There is an AMD rig off of iBUYPOWER that I can build for around the same price, not as beefy as the gateway but I can purchase a netbook for cheap through the site and get free games with the computer, the draw backs are smaller hard drive and so other minutia. 
3. Whatever you think would be best as you guys would know much much much better than me. I'd like the thing to be useful for the next couple years and I'd like it to run most things at high settings at a decent resolution. So games like DOW 2, Alpha Protocal, DA: O, and Age of Conan are games I'd like to run.

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