This game is great. But being a greedy ass has no drawbacks.

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Spoilers Obviously:
The part in the beginning as a Dwarf Noble.  You can get 25 gold in the first 20 minutes by selling out your traditions as a Dwarf.  And it has zero consequences.  Letting a woman die nets you the best bow in the game.  Scamming random NPC and lying gets you more money.  Pickpocketing grants you items and money.    The only "drawback" I have found of this one is that it gives you a fight or two extra in Denerim. ( So the guards come after you in Denerim for you pick pocketing.  After you beat the two static fights while traveling there,nothing changes whatsoever.  .)  Outright killing people like the bandits in Lothering gets you an extra gold or so.  While intimidating them to leave gives you absolutely nothing.  Doing assassination quests in Denerim grants you extra gold.  As will the burglar and pickpocketing quests also from Denerim.
But I am sure there are more instances like these where the decisions you make.  Mainly bad or immoral ones have no consequences to them at all. 
 I only just finished the Mage Circle (The first place I went to after Lothering) so no spoilers please.    But is this what I can expect from the rest of the game?  Suppose I can just continue to play my character how I want to.  But I guess it makes sense when you look at KOTOR.  Which basically had the same kind of stuff.

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Two words for you:
Chaotic Neutral.
Cheating and generally being less lawful in games shouldnt have drawbacks, thats essentially WHY people go these routes anyways. Being chaotic, unlawful or evil doesnt neccisarily equal being at a disadvantage, especially as DA:O has no tracking of alignment. It reflects more on the real world where good guys sometimes lose. The only real tracking of alignmnet of sorts is the Party Approval, which is a much better analysis of good acts vs evil acts and how it effects your partys view on you.  I struck a nice balance between being a sort of anti-hero in the game. I killed bandits mercilessly(and with perverted glee), took money and items when it was offered defending people and sought every opportunity to get one up on lawful charceters. 
Play the game how you want to, it's the best way.

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I suppose that's what Grey Warden's are.  Considering you can do whatever the hell you want and then say you're a Grey Warden and nobody touches you.  You are Bond.  And everyone else is a fucking mark.  I'm not saying that I have a problem with these kinds of characters getting money or items.  It is more that you will beyond a shadow of a doubt succeed(barring you didn't forget to upgrade Coercion) and gain extra stuff and lose nothing by doing so.   But I cannot tell what alignment say; killing the dog in the pen at Ostagar would be.  Neutral evil I suppose?  Pure sadism either way, unless you think you are somehow releasing the dog from his pain.
Either way I suppose I should embrace that this game isn't black and white.   And do whatever the hell I feel like doing.

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