Warden's Keep DLC question

#1 Posted by Chyro (353 posts) -

Finally started playing this game and am just wondering if this DLC scales with your level.  Don't want to get in there and get completely annihilated.

#2 Posted by Crixaliz (784 posts) -

I believe it does

#3 Posted by triple07 (1205 posts) -

Yes it does. And I believe the armor and weapons you get level up with you. Kinda weird but they do.

#4 Posted by IncredibleBulk92 (936 posts) -

I think all of Dragon Age levels with you.  But I know that if you do the Warden's Keep you get a new weapon and at a higher level it is made out of a certain material and it happens to be the single best weapon in the game.  

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