What are the Pros and Cons?

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I'm currently playing a City Elf Warrior and was planning on making him a Berserker/Reaver.  What are the pros and cons of the Reaver and Berserker..  Also, what are the some pros and cons of being a Templar?  (and where do i get the berserker and templar?)

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For the berserker I simply bought a tome at some point. The drunken dwarf dude could teach you that for free, I suppose (I hated him). Alistair could teach you templar, but I gave him crap and he outright refused (I hated him, too). Beserker can be useful, especially the passive stuff. But overall those specializations didn't do much for me. The "stock" skills were sufficient enough.
Final verdict: Not that important.

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Build your char however you want, I definitely find Templar to be one of the most useful though.  The first level drain MP when hitting enemies is good all around, the second level buff strip is good against defensive casters like emmissaries, the third level mental resist buff is useful but the top level spell is where templars shine.  It stuns all enemies in an aoe area which is good for a start, but it also does extra damage to spellcasters proportional to the amount of mana they have, making it like an weaker mana clash, but useful against non-casters.
Oh and it also allows you to equip the Templar-only armor with +40% spell resist.

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pro: it's truly the age of dragons
con: giant dragon turds everywhere

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Well they give you extra powers, and make you stronger in some aspects. You can learn to be a Berserker from the drunk dwarf and a reaver if you choices not to kill the mid boss in the urn of sacred ashes but to work for him, I my self was also a city elf warrior but I trained him to be a Templar and a champion because I was a tank.  A Templar is effected against mages, they can drain their mana. and they can destroy all buffs on enemy's but friendly fire is possible with that spell.  you can learn them for free from Alister if he likes you enough or buy a book from the merchant at your camp
hope that answers some of you questions
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This thread has a full list of where you can pick up specializations.
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I now know where to get the specializations, but now i just want to know about Reaver.
I know about what happens if you have Leliana and/or Wynne i your party when you defile the ashes, but is there effects outsided of this? Like with Alistair or Morrigan? and what about with arl eamon and other parts of the story

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The templar stun is very nice.  The fully talented champion warcry is very powerful too. 
Berserker and Reaver work well together especially if you're dual wielding and have momentum.  Probably want to ignore dexterity except for the 26 needed for momentum and the third dual wield passive talent (it's weak, but 2 dex is a small price to pay).

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