What is your total time played?

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Just wondering what everyone's total time played is. This is for all of your characters added up in hours and minutes please. :) 
Mine is 74 hours and 42 minutes. (it would be more but I lost the save games for my first play through.)

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30 hours on my one guy, but I never got around to finishing it. Was at the fourth place in the main story where you have to recruit a couple dudes or some such. 

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@Ryax said:
"26 "

Have you finished yet?
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@natural_deadhead: i did. just did the main quest and the DLC then havent really played. im sure ill go back and play it some more using different characters
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At about 25 right now. Haven't done Orzammar yet and been doing the mage collective, Blackstone irregulars, Chantry Board, and other sidequests.

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According to Steam I'm at 124 (including Awakening)

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120 hours

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Roughly 260 hours across 6 characters... 
 I sit idle a lot though.
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70+ hrs or something with one character. Awesome.

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Overall??..Honestly I'd say around 200+ hours.

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Probably like 3 hours. I enjoyed it, though, but had limited time to play with it and it was just a rental.

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@TheGreatGuero said:
" Probably like 3 hours. I enjoyed it, though, but had limited time to play with it and it was just a rental. "
lol wow...I'd bet you only reached Lothering with only that much time put in =P
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About ~50 hours, on Easy, but I didn't read all the Codex entry, I read only like 30%. I did every side quest that I could find. 

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516 hours, I dunno if I should like that steam keeps track or not..that's sick.

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3 hours.

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16 hours unfinished.

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Roughly 200 hours over about 4 characters.

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30. I had to re-do the last hour though so I could do Alistair.

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In my first file it was around 40 hours ....on my second character I finished at around 30 hours.
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100 something.

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2 characters have got me to 175 hrs and 17mins. 
Man! I feel like I just finished off a double-downed double beef burger (That's four big pieces of meat in one. Yuk!!!!!!!)

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@EVO said:
" 0. "
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I've played the game three times and completed most of the DLCs.  I'm at 120-130 hours.

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Maybe 50, including Awakenings. Did most of the side stuff too.

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25 hours, only 14 on one character. Not even close to beating the game.

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Steam is telling me 94 hours. That was one character over the course of about a month. I have yet to pick up or play Awakenings, so I'm sure I have much more DA in my future.

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I think 80hrs or so.

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About 40 hours across DAO + Awakening (finished both). Funny thing is I spent more time in Awakening than DAO. Haven't done any DLC yet.
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10 hours.
I should really get back to Dragon age one of these days...

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I'm sitting on 59 and I just got to the dwarf city.

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Well over a hundred hours, but I can't give you an exact time. 

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Rough guess would be inbetween 150-250.
I played a LOT, on like 6 characters, and this is not even counting Awakening which I completed 3 times too front to back.

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187 hours and 45 minutes.

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50-55 hours across two characters. Not done yet of course. Should dump some time into it.

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Raptr has me at 91 hours.

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About 45-50 hours up to the Archdemon.

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321 Hours.  One game on normal, three games on insanity or nightmare, whatever it's called.  I have no regrets... and could probably spend another hundred hours in it if I didn't have so many good games to play right now.

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215 hours, and just started playing an old save file (male dwarf).
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Only 34 hours :P I finished it and never launched it again.

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160 hours right now.
First playthrough 75hours.

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Must be around 100 or more by now. Though I have only beaten Awakening once. I still feel like I haven't seen everything the game has to offer. That may be due to how I've never managed to play a dwarf character past the opening part of Ostagar.

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Yeah, about four hours only. But I've tried all of the classes or whatever you want to call them.
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43 minutes, could not get into it. I know I didn't give it a fair chance but as soon as I'd experienced the combat for a little while and the utterly shoddy graphics, dialog, inventory management, and just gameplay in general really I decided it was not for me. Don't know how people can play it for so long but to each his own.

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