What order should I do the DLC campaigns in?

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I recently purchased the Ultimate Edition of DA:O (best value I've ever gotten for purchasing a game, I swear) and am utterly loving it. I'm a bit bewildered with regards to the extra DLC campaigns however, as I'm not sure in what order to do them in. Obviously the Darkspawn chronicles should be done afterwards as a "what-if" situation, but the others are a bit more unclear (specifically because some of them have bonuses for the main game).

Do any veteran players here have any advice for someone on their first run-through?
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I found it was fine playing through everything in the order they appear at the main menu. 

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Do wardens keep and Return to Ostagar during your playthrough, then Awakening->Golems...->Witch Hunt after you finish the main game. You can do Leliana's Song or Darkspawn whenever...or you could just not bother with Darkspawn cuz it kinda sucks. Can't say if the items are useful cuz I played them with a post-main game character.

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Leliana's Song is the only one that would make sense to play before the main campaign.  It takes place before the actual game's story and doesn't really have any kind of spoilers whatsoever.  The rest either have minor to major spoilers or take place in a time after the campaign.  I would only play Leliana's Song if you wanted to go in order.  The other ones do instill some very nice loot but if you don't want to spoil a few game moments, I wouldn't play them first.

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